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I woke up early today. Not sure why. Heard the newspaper hit the driveway at 5:52am. Will try and get back to sleep in a minute.

How does one measure an anniversary? From the first time you meet? The first date? The first kiss? The first time… you walk her dog together? The first time you blog about it?

Let’s use the first date. By the calendar it’s this coming Monday. The alternative interpretation is a week after the Grand Final, which is tomorrow. One year. Already. It’s gone quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun.

By Daniel Bowen

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Congrats! I have the same problem myself, since I’ve got no less than THREE engagement anniversary dates to remember. All of them official depending on what state we happen to be in at the time. Yeesh. (And yes, all with the same person.)

i once found the best way was to pick one of the dates your other half hadn’t thought of, then surprise her with it

Congratulations on one year. :)
My husband and I have been married four years, 7 months and a bit. We celebrate/recognise the 1st, 6th & 20th of each month. 1st- day when met in person, 6th- day we got engaged, 20th- day we got married. But we still celebrate every day. :) Go ahead and gag if you wish, but really- don’t you think more couples should be that way?

A heartfelt congratulations to you both. I’m sure that a lot of us who’ve read your blog over the years but not met you in person have been wishing that you’d find someone fabulous to love you well. Marita sounds wonderful. :D

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