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Madam Fang. A lovely expensive meal on Friday for our anniversary, and as what might have been the last chance to splurge before I got hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt the next day when buying a house (it didn’t happen — more about that later). The atmosphere was lovely, the service was excellent, the food was utterly divine. My main was osso bucco, incredibly tender and completely delicious.

The Chaser Decides. Political satire, merrily taking the piss out of all sides, for instance this headline from last week: “Parties deadlocked at 0 votes all.” Silly. I like it.

Mystic River. Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece, a mystery set in modern day Boston. Some hard topics covered, and almost stomach-churning to watch at times. It’s a pleasure to see such nicely rounded-out characterisations from pretty must the whole cast, and a bit of a twist towards the end that kept me guessing.

By Daniel Bowen

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