Anybody else getting dodgy texts about a United Energy power surge?

Has anybody else had one of these, possibly dodgy, texts? This is the second one I’ve received now. After the first I replied “Wrong number” and got a “Sorry” back, but the guy is persistent. Something smells fishy. Note the supposed pick-up date, which is last Thursday, three days before the text was received. When  ... [More]


Why are Twitter messages 140 characters?

Did I post this already? I don’t think I did. Hopefully not. Why are Twitter messages 140 characters? Because they were designed to fit into the 160 characters of a text message, with some characters filled up with header information and so on. So why are text messages 160 characters? Because they fit into 140  ... [More]


How timely are Metro’s SMS alerts? (and SMS vs web)

Last Friday MX ran a story about Metro plans to shut down its SMS text alert service, in favour of pushing people towards the mobile web site and Twitter. This was sparked by an ad earlier in the week in MX, station posters, and an email sent to SMS subscribers, all encouraging people to “say  ... [More]