Anybody else getting dodgy texts about a United Energy power surge?

Has anybody else had one of these, possibly dodgy, texts?

Possibly dodgy text from an alleged United Energy contractor

This is the second one I’ve received now. After the first I replied “Wrong number” and got a “Sorry” back, but the guy is persistent.

Something smells fishy. Note the supposed pick-up date, which is last Thursday, three days before the text was received.

When I mentioned it on Twitter last night, Marcus Wong noted that there was a power surge around that day (actually on the 11th if the 3AW article is accurate), on the Mornington Peninsula.

United Energy is a distributor, not a retailer — many people in Melbourne’s south-east are connected via them, even if another company is the one sending them the bills.

Of course, it could just be a wrong number plus poor record-keeping. The number of emails I get for someone, who apparently shares my name but has no idea of their own email address, is amazing.

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Anybody else getting dodgy texts about a United Energy power surge?”

No, I’ve never received a dodgy text message from anyone about anything.
However energy companies phone me all the time.

Yes, it sounds suspicious. What reason would someone have to send you a bogus message (eg thrill of a hoax? spam advertising? break into your house when you’re out? steal your phone credit?)

I’d be sus too.
Like you, I get loads of emails for someone named Raelene, who has a similar email address or wishes they had my email address….. Some are quite personal too!

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