The digital TV re-tune 7th Feb – and: It’s nice to know genuine technological reform can happen

This Friday 7th February is Melbourne’s re-tune day for digital television. This is when the frequencies of some channels change, so they can make more efficient use of the spectrum. If you don’t re-tune your digital TV devices, you may find some channels don’t work after this. Hopefully most people will figure out how to  ... [More]


New toy: iPad Mini

I was amused when I posted last week about using credit card points to perhaps buy an iPad Mini, the Apple-haters jumped in. The post wasn’t really about technology; it was about credit card points! But this post is about tech. The choice of an iPad over an Android tablet was deliberate. Yeah yeah, I’ve  ... [More]

Geek transport

Platform 7 is rebooting…

Here’s what the new platform Passenger Information Display Screens (PIDS in transport lingo) at the inner-city stations look like: They show much the same information as the old screens, but now it’s widescreen, and clearer. (I haven’t checked to see if they still abbreviate Greensborough to “GREENSBORO” when it’s the destination.) If only I could  ... [More]