Joining the dots: Which leads to less crime – zero tolerance, or removing lead pollution?

Our state government in the past has cited New York City zero-tolerance policies introduced by Rudolph Giuliani as inspiration for measures like Protective Service Officers, which will eventually see two armed guards on every metropolitan railway station after 6pm: Mr Ryan said he was intent on establishing a Giuliani-style zero tolerance approach in Victoria, and  ... [More]

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By my calculations, I fill up my car with petrol every 27.5 days

With the usual media coverage of petrol price rises over Easter (yes, that’s how the market economy works… when demand goes up, so do prices…), I was pondering how much money I’ve been spending on petrol. The car barely goes anywhere on weekdays, and even on the weekends I’m doing perhaps around 50 kilometres. Given  ... [More]

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There’s at least a dozen ways to save our petrol

M was telling me about an ad from the 70s telling people to save petrol. I had absolutely no recollection of it, but sure enough, Mr Youtube had it… What a cracker! I couldn’t figure out why they made the cartoon people nude, but a comment suggested it was to grab people’s attention. Perhaps I  ... [More]


The monthly refueling

Tomorrow it will be a month since I last filled up the car with petrol. The tank is almost empty now; I’ll fill it up again tonight. Generally I just fill it up when it’s getting lowish and it’s convenient. Given my consumption isn’t high, I don’t bother to shop around, and if I see  ... [More]