Bentleigh driving

Lock up your motors

My neighbour Bob had his car broken into this morning. He said he heard noises outside and went out to find a bloke smashing up the steering wheel and console, apparently trying to hotwire it. When the bloke realised Bob was out there he shouted “I’m coming out mate, I’m coming out!” He did so,  ... [More]


Why yes, my neighbours are Magpies supporters

Why yes, my neighbours are Magpies supporters. Footy’s back. I got 7/8 for round 1… hopefully I can keep it up and win back the ugly trophy.

Film music


Top CDs/songs to play really loudly when you realise you no longer have neighbours to annoy, and even if you did annoy someone you can’t be evicted because you’re moving next week anyway: Hoodoo Gurus: 1000 Miles Away Paul Kelly: Deeper Water the Edge Of Darkness soundtrack Most of Who’s Next, obviously and Led Zeppelin  ... [More]