Dire Straits

Gave the kids a laugh by showing them the state-of-the-art (for 1985) 3-D computer graphics in the Dire Straits: Money For Nothing video clip.

Also good, the Calling Elvis clip, featuring the band as Thunderbirds… and the actual Thunderbirds too.

All this was sparked by picking up Brothers In Arms the other week on CD, and putting it on high-rotation on my iPod. (Last time around, if I recall correctly, I had it on cassette.)

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Telegraph Rd, Private Investigations and Iron Hand are probably my favourites … don’t tend to go in for their more poppy stuff …

“state-of-the-art (for 1985) 3-D computer graphics” when gameplay was more important than pretty graphics.

Great album for it’s time :-)

I remember listening to it on my walkman on a NSW south coast beach back in the day, good times.

In case you didnt already know….

Classic Albums Live presents the acclaimed best-selling Dire Straits Album Brothers in Arms Live, with a phenomenal line-up of musicians in a fully-staged concert performance of the complete album. See guitar heroes Rex Goh, Phil Emmanuel and Stuart ‘Feral Swing Katz’ French on stage together, alongside Kevin Bennett (vocals), Andy Bickers (Saxophone), Floyd Vincent (vocals & guitar), Tony Mitchell (Bass), Clare O’Meara (Keyboards) Nik Pringadi (keyboards) and Chris Whitten, who was the drummer on the final Dire Straits international tour.

The 1983 Alchemy Album is worth getting on DVD if you can. Three discs comprising the “remastered” CD’s and a DVD of the actual Hammersmith Show.

If nothing else shows the 1980’s off without too much cringing.

And it was actually Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds creator) who directed the Calling Elvis video IIRC.

Brothers In Arms is a fantastic album, but as much as I might love the music, I too had to laugh at watching that Money For Nothing video clip again. Fair to say it hasn’t aged well

Back in those days, Dire Straits could get away with singing “That faggot… that faggot… that little faggot…”

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