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Nagambie’s new life-size statue of Black Caviar

On the way up to Rutherglen for the wedding, we detoured past Nagambie on family business and to stop for lunch. Nagambie’s bypass opened earlier this year. Traffic between Melbourne and Shepparton therefore no longer goes via the town, and it’s obvious that they’ve been trying to work out how to ensure some people still  ... [More]


#FrequencyIsFreedom – even in the country

Overheard near Nagambie, about travelling to Melbourne: “A lot of people go to Seymour to catch the train. There’s one once an hour from there.” Yep. At stations beyond Seymour, where the Shepparton and the Albury line branch off, there’s usually only about 3 trains each way per day. But at Seymour, there are 20  ... [More]


Couple of pics from soggy northern Victoria

A couple of pictures from the drive up past Nagambie yesterday, which took us close to the flooded areas north eastern Victoria… We were advised to stick to the sealed roads (which meant taking a longer way than usual), and although none that we were trying to use were flooded, some weren’t too far off  ... [More]