Couple of pics from soggy northern Victoria

A couple of pictures from the drive up past Nagambie yesterday, which took us close to the flooded areas north eastern Victoria

We were advised to stick to the sealed roads (which meant taking a longer way than usual), and although none that we were trying to use were flooded, some weren’t too far off it. Some other in the area roads were certainly closed.

Near Nagambie, 3/3/2012

Near Nagambie, 3/3/2012

In contrast, as the St Kilda Football team found in their drive up to Wangaratta, the Hume Freeway was no problem at all.

I should emphasise, in case it’s not obvious, that we checked the Vicroads web site and with locals via phone before setting out. It’s unwise to drive into a floodprone area without checking first that the roads you need are open.

By Daniel Bowen

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