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Given the price differential, it’s hard to see that GST on imports would make any difference

Among the presents I got for my birthday was a JB Hifi gift card. This always presents a challenge: what bargains can I pick up? Browsing around the store one day, I found the two Harry Potter movies we don’t already have — the Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2 — on Blu-ray, for $14.98,  ... [More]

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DVD vs Blu-Ray picture quality

I never quite believed I’d see much of the difference between DVD and Blu-Ray on an 80cm (32 inch) TV. But with brand-name Blu-Ray players now below $100, and releases such as the complete set of Star Wars movies out on Blu-Ray, this past Christmas seemed like the right time to jump in and try  ... [More]


Dear retailers, when prices are 60% cheaper offshore, GST won’t save you

Tough talk from the retailers, who continue to demand GST be applied to all purchases. It’s rubbish of course. 10% GST is not why people are shopping online. Let’s take the example of my last Amazon UK order, which I placed when the AU dollar was at its height, about two weeks ago. Book: Neil  ... [More]

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Online vs local

I find it a little difficult to accept the big retailers’ claims that ensuring GST is applied to mail order goods ordered online from overseas will make a big difference. GST is only 10%. Take for example the DVD of Edge of Darkness, which I mentioned the other day. Amazon UK price: 3.97 + 3.68  ... [More]

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The Bootles!

This clip is to promote the new Goodies DVD, due out next week. I love the shot at about 1:10.