Sunday art: Dog poetry / Street art

Dog poetry I wandered, lonely as a dog With my peeps to Footscray Hill, Amongst the grass, dirt and city views, And just the occasional golden daffodil. Street art Probably overlooked by most, this is inside a road sign on Centre Road.


Don’t cross Rusty

You might recall last month I posted a picture of Jack the dog: This is his comrade, Rusty: Jack is a friendly dog. Rusty… not so much.


Guide dogs accepted

Sometimes when I don’t have a blog post ready to go — either because I’m halfway through writing something, or I just can’t think of anything to post — I’ll instead post a photo or two that I’ve taken. Here’s today’s. I can’t help feeling that this sign would scan better if it said “excepted”  ... [More]

Melbourne TV

Not everybody minds it when it floods

From last night’s channel 9 news, live cross to a flooded street in Brunswick. Not everybody minds the wet.


A Day In The Life

I was reading my old copy of The Beatles Recording Sessions the other day, in particular about the creation of A Day In The Life — which recently was voted number 24 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of All Time. I was interested in the orchestral crescendo of sound halfway through the song and again  ... [More]