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The wisdom of the barber

Much of the gossip and all the knowledge of a neighbourhood flows through the local shopkeepers, none more so than the hairdressers and barbers, where customers are most likely to have an extended conversation. The two nuggets of information from my haircut last week? I already knew this: breakfast is the most important meal of  ... [More]

Food'n'drink Health


In the comments of a previous post was mention of superfoods. There appears to have been a recent reluctance from dieticians to use the term because of its manipulation by food marketeers, with the EU banning its use unless it can be proven. However this page from Kraft Foods flags their top ten (none of  ... [More]

Health Working life

The health check

Apparently there have been some alarming results from the workplace health checks underway at the moment. Victorian workers have been given a scare by a State Government-run health program which has found a high percentage don’t exercise enough with a number of people asked to see a doctor within 24 hours. We’ve had ours on  ... [More]