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Low bridges in Euroa

Family business took us to Euroa on Saturday. The station is on the western side of the town centre. The main street goes over the railway line to the south of the station — Wikipedia notes that the the road overpass was built in 1960 during the first round of standardisation. The second round, last  ... [More]

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The Montague Street bridge strikes again

It used to be that the fashionable bridge for high vehicles to crash into was the Spencer/Flinders Street rail overpass — eleven hits in five years. But it’s been usurped by the Montague Street tram bridge. At lunchtime on Tuesday I went down to have a look. Certainly no shortage of warnings signs. In this  ... [More]


“Second river crossing”? We already have six seven.

A lot of the talk around the need for a new east-west motorway claims we need a second river crossing. The issue with this claim is that we already have a second river crossing. The first river crossing is, of course, the Westgate bridge — recently-upgraded (25% boost in capacity as part of a $1.4  ... [More]


Sights from the Footscray station pedestrian bridge

The Footscray station pedestrian bridge opened earlier this year. As noted in this Age article, part of it will have to be demolished to cater for the Regional Fast Rail project (even though the RFR project was funded before the bridge was built… hello, forward planning). Anyway, there are some great views from the top  ... [More]

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