ATMs are free – but not all of them

Believe it or not, sometimes I blog about things other than transport. If you want to look purely at transport posts, try this link. Commonwealth Bank (CBA) announced on 24th September that all their ATMs were free for use by customers of any Australian bank. The same day, the rest of the Big 4 scrambled,  ... [More]

Consumerism Geek

Daniel vs the ATM

My recollection is that Automatic Teller Machines used to be much simpler devices, and much faster. I’m sure back in the day I timed myself getting cash using the basic buttons and 1-2 line dot-matrix LED “display” they had back then and had it down to under 30 seconds. These days ATMs are complex beasts  ... [More]

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A few pics for Thursday

Pac-Man on Lonsdale Street (though if the ghost is blue, Pac-Man must have had a power pill, and should be chasing, not chased) I don’t want to seem paranoid, but I don’t think this is a real ATM: Behold! The temple of Gorm!

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Finding an ATM

Having moved offices to Latrobe Street, I wanted to know where the nearest ATM is — that is, those of my preferred (no fee) banks, St George or Westpac. The St George ATM/Branch locator will only show five results — including Westpac ATMs. Searching postcode 3000, it shows me those closest to the the corner  ... [More]