Photos from ten years ago

Old photos from August 2013

Another batch of old photos from ten years ago

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And here’s a batch of old photos from ten years ago: August 2013.

As I blogged at the time, PTV finally started advertising good things, such as the weekend fare cap, and 10 minute train frequencies.

PTV advertisement for cheap weekend fares on a tram

Here’s Flinders Street station in all its mustardy glory, before it was restored to its original colour. (I’m betting the tram destination display is blank due to LED scanning issues. This is still a challenge for photographers today.)

A tram passing Flinders Street station, August 2013

The campaign against East West Link was on in earnest ahead of the 2013 Federal Election. This photo is from a public forum in Newport. Seated are Tim Watts (Labor, now Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs), Sophie Sturup (University of Melbourne, and a researcher on megaprojects), Lisel Thomas (Maribyrnong Truck Action Group), Janet Rice (The Greens, now a senator), and PTUA President Tony Morton.

Tim Watts (ALP), Sophie Sturup, Lisel Thomas (Maribyrnong Truck Action Group), Janet Rice (Greens), Tony Morton (PTUA) at a public meeting in Newport, 8/8/2013

At a rally on the steps of State Parliament later that month, this now familiar figure spoke – then State Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews.

Daniel Andrews addresses a rally against East-West Link, 20/8/2013

Good advertising for inner-city apartments, pitched at people who value a quick commute.

Apartment billboard at South Yarra Station, August 2013

Also at South Yarra, the Passenger Load Survey peeps were out and about. These were paused during COVID, and given the focus on peak hours (when loads dropped away) that’s fair enough, though with off-peak, evening and weekend patronage growing, I hope whatever data is available is being looked at closely.

Comeng train arriving at South Yarra as patronage survey staff wait on the platform

By Daniel Bowen

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Great photos, especially in regards to the East-West Link. A question: With the toll roads, why would Daniel Andrews be against the East West Link and yet imposed the West Gate Tunnel on the western suburbs? It seems like a double standard when it comes to opposing one road project yet greenlighted another road project.

Hey Daniel, the new theme might need tweaking for mobiles – for me the right-hand side of the images are cut off, and there’s no way to scroll sideways

@indigohex3, it’s all politics ultimately.

James C Murphy’s book is well worth a read if you haven’t seen it.

@Ben, thanks – I can’t immediately see a way of fixing that, so I’ve changed it back to the old theme for now.

UPDATE: Old theme with changes, principally a grid of posts on the home page (which was the main thing I wanted to change)

I used to find it useful having the front page show the number of comments on each post, and have a link to the start of the comments. This helped to know whether it was worth revisiting a post I’d already read to see new comments.

Is it possible to tweak this theme to put this back?

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