PTV finally starts promoting the good stuff

You might recall a while ago I posted about the lack of awareness of $3.50 cheap weekend fares, and frequent (every 10 minutes) trains on some lines on weekends.

Well, finally PTV are promoting both.

This is a step forward.

It’s a shame the imagery in the frequent trains ad uses the outer stations’ buildings — likely to be unfamiliar to the vast majority of people along the line. I suspect they’d have done better to use something that more clearly articulated that all the stations along those lines will benefit.

Still, hopefully it helps spread the word. The ten minute services are terrific… but we may never see them spread to more routes if patronage doesn’t grow as a result of them.

Update Wednesday: Advert noted on numerous trams:

PTV advertisement for cheap weekend fares on a tram

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Yep, a good campaign. Maybe get some more people off the road on the weekends and on public transport.
BTW, earlier adverts for $3:50 travel confused my wife because she thought it meant $3:50 for ALL the weekend. The newer ads clearly state “a day” so shouldn’t cause any confusion.

Yep, I noticed those ads too. Caught me quite by surprise. Two of them as stated above.

One question, what is the frequency to Footscray during those time. Would have said, that would be good on 10 minutes during Saturdays and Sundays too.

Its good that they promote the weekend travel… whats not good is the ancient Sunday timetable and late morning start. Not everyone is either sleeping in or going to church. The weekend is just like any other day for most people nowadays. Its like the government is caught in a timewarp.

The PTV needs to do some advertising for the SmartBus network, in particular the Orbital routes.

It is surprising just how many people do not know what is behind a SmartBus type of a bus route, and would greatly benefit the brand to have it promoted on TV and radio in some way.

I just found out that it was an old school friend of mine that made these ads. We used to make short films together. Very cool to see he’s taken it to such a professional level.

Why not extend the $3.50 cap on weekend travel in Zones 1 & 2 to any two adjoining zones throughout the State?

Why should people living in the Melbourne area get this excellent benefit and not say the people of Ballarat or the Latrobe Valley.

Trains run every ten minutes from the siddy ? Noted. When I want to go to siddy ( wherever that is ), I’ll go there by train.
I’ll take a boddle of Gatorade with me.

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