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A week in Singapore

In a couple of months I’m going to Singapore for a week, for my cousin’s wedding.

Any recommendations? Things to see and do? (The wedding itself is on Sentosa Island, at one of the resorts.)

It’s been ages since I’ve been overseas. What’s the best way to organise mobile/data coverage?

What’s the shopping like? Is it like some Asian cities where you can find good cheap suits?

Hmm, what about camera equipment? (I’d love a new lens to play with.)

The weather? Warm I’m sure. I remember from flying back from Europe via Singapore in 1998, looking at the TV weather forecast and seeing a row of 25-32s forecast…

Weather forecast in Singapore, September 1998

Any other tips?

Yes, I’ll be checking out the MTR.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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If you’re after a data sim head to a singtel shop or 7/11 and buy a tourist sim card. Was around $20 for 6gb and it lasts a week I believe. Must go to Maxwell food centre in Chinatown for lunch also!

Try some Bakkwa! I went to Singapore a couple times when I was younger and I’ve never forgotten how mind-blowingly good this stuff was. One of my few regrets about going vegetarian is that I can’t eat this stuff any more :)

Have a good trip Daniel!

Oh, and don’t chew gum and stick it on the seats of the train!

Asian people and those who know them seem to just buy a local card for their phone when they arrive. You can then run your your tablet or laptop internet via your phone. Maybe free wi fi at your hotel and you can manage with hotspots.

how exciting. I’ve only transited in the city so can’t give you advice. BTW, why is the wedding in Singapore?

For cheap suites (in Melbourne) try a boutique shop Saint Vincent de Paul society (vinnies). They have locations all across Australia. And unlike some shopsb that give 10% to charity. 100% of all sales go to charity.

P.S Wash the suite before you wear it.

Take a ride on all the rail lines, including the remnant of the Malaysian KTM from Woodlands Checkpoint into Johor Bahru. I hear the former rail all the way to Tanjong Pagar has been ripped, but are now mostly reserves open to the public. People trek or cycle along them from what I heard.

Also, check out Gardens by the Bay. I highly recommend paying to get into both domes.

Get a prepaid SIM card from any mobile retailer or 7-eleven, but don’t forget to bring your passport along with you. You need photo ID.

A bit of hint on the mobile data connection. There are two types of plans, mobile (for phones) and data (for tablets and laptops). Often you buy a single value SIM card with credit on them. Depending on the code you type into your phone, you get one of the many different data packages that consume the credit on them but get much more data in return.

They come in a combination of limited or unlimited amount of data and expiry dates lasting 3/5/7/30 days. If in doubt, best to ask the salesperson at the retailer, but some of them might not have the best command of English and will leave you confused.

From what I heard it’s really hot this time with the El Nino with temperatures in the mid-30s.

Oh, and don’t stay on Sentosa island. You’ll shelter yourself from all the fun stuff. And everything is overpriced.

And they’re very strict on the public transport. I’ve heard of people getting fined for drinking from a bottle of water on the train.

Have a ride on one of the LRTs that leave from the various MRT stations to see something really cool. Pretty sure the one that leaves from Choa Chu Kang had this feature (and there may be others) but when these little elevated mini-trains get too close to buildings so there is a chance that you could see into peoples houses, the windows on the train all go opaque for a few seconds. An idea for our skyrail perhaps :-)

You could try eating at one of the many hawker centres located around Singapore, Daniel. There’s a range of cuisines on offer and very inexpensive. Definitely not tourist oriented and therefore delightfully local. I breakfasted at hawker centres almost daily during a 10-day sojourn in 2010.

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