5 varieties of ham – all with identical nutritional values?

What is the likelihood that 5 varieties of sliced ham — including a supposedly “lite” version — all have precisely the same nutritional values, despite tasting and looking different?

Each one 112 kilojoules per serve, 0.7 grams of fat, and 204 milligrams of sodium.

Honey leg hamSpanish style leg ham
Triple smoked leg hamVirginia leg ham
Lite leg ham


Thankfully their sliced chicken breast product appears to have different attributes.

By Daniel Bowen

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The different flavors, such as honey, Spanish and smoked, are I would say ‘fake flavor painted on’.

I know that is common with smoked meats, most are just the flavor of a chemical painted onto the meat, never having been smoked whatsoever.

Daniel, I think you have uncovered an error. I bet the manufacturer put the wrong labels on the products. Well spotted.
I read labels as we tend to go for food low or lowish in salt. I always notice that Sodium is lower for low salt foods, as it should be.
Yep, I reckon no conspiracy, just an error.

I’d say very few, if any, food products are still being lab tested for individual nutritional properties, certainly nothing you’d pick up in the supermarket or deli.

So the labels have identical information because it’s pulled from a generic database, in which the typical nutritional content of an average slice of ham has been averaged and standardised and applied to the random packs of ham you’re looking at. Maybe someone stuffed up on the ‘lite’ label, but I suspect Simon’s post is more likely!

This is a US company, but sure they’re not the only service provider;


ps. If you can, please go for the higher welfare/sow-stall-free pork products!

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