Every mobile phone I’ve ever owned

Inspired by Andrew’s post a few months ago, here’s a list of the mobile phones I’ve had over the years.

Ericsson GH198 (from 1994). It had a twirly antenna that could be flat against the main part of the phone, or twirled around and up to make calls. I seem to recall it cost me about $400 plus a 2 year contract

Predictive text on the Nokia N95

I think after that I had an Ericsson GH337 or 338 for a couple of years. Or maybe I had a 337 then a 338? Can’t remember.

Nokia 6210 (from 2001) — first one with a web browser and an internal antenna rather than one which stuck up out of the phone.

Motorola E365 (Briefly in 2004, before I sent it back because I didn’t like it) — it was the first one with a camera.

Nokia 6100 (2004) — a titchy, tiny phone, with interchangable covers. Neat.

Nokia 6230i (2006)

Nokia N95 (2009) — this was great. (See pic, showing a quirk of the predictive text, which thought you were more likely to want to say “slaves” than “plates”)

HTC Desire S (2011). Also been great, though it’s a bit slow with Android 4 loaded onto it. I’m about due for a new one now.

  • A 2011 post where I compared the SAR (Specific Absorbtion Rate — eg radio waves going into your head) of some of these phones.


November 2013: Google Nexus 5

October 2016: Google Nexus 5X

June 2017: Motorola G5 Plus

August 2019: Motorola G7 Plus

December 2021: After much dithering, Apple iPhone 13.

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Oldest to newest, mine were GA628, A1018, R320, Z300, T610, Xperia Mini and Currently a Nexus (Or Samsung) S.

Guess where, I used to work ??

I have no idea what the model numbers are, but I still have them all, except the first one which I left on a train.

Mostly Nokias, lost two phones (found one again though and lost it), I just want to update the handset and not go to a smartphone.

(~1998) Nokia 5110, (~2006) Nokia Classic 3500.

Currently thinking to get a smartphone, one that is able to make phone calls, and perhaps to also take decent photos. I want to tape phone calls, but I can’t find any phone software that can do that without faking it. Not an iPhone. I’m thinking I’m going to have to get an Android phone and then root it so I can access the speaker and microphone.

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