Malawi and Moldova

Something I never noticed until yesterday — in an obscure building in Little Bourke Street are the consulates of Malawi and Moldova. Who knew?


I wonder how many visitors they get. Bet the security isn’t as strict as at the US Embassy, where you have to place virtually all your belongings in a locker before going through metal detectors to get in.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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I thought Moldova was an invention of the guys from The Panel for one of their fake tourist guides. So it realy does exist.
Thanks, Daniel, for your observations of Melbourne

….we have Qatar across the road from the apartment building we live in here in Geneva and regularly walk past a host of countries’ embassies.

It’s still a huge puzzle – and a big source of worry – as to why my dog always likes to do a dump in front of the Colombian embassy’s entrance!

What I do like though is Victoria’s virtual embassyโ€”an agency-generalโ€”in London. When I was doing a postal vote in Europe for the Victorian election, the address was for British voters “Victoria House, Melbourne Place, London”. I don’t suppose they do much any more, but considering the states have independent access to the Queen perhaps it makes sense to have someone over there.

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