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End of the week pics

Pretty funny: Southern Cross Station has departure signs sponsored by Red Rooster. In part because they show less information, they actually have fewer errors than the official signs — but beware — it appears they don’t show trains departing in less than 10 minutes (because they want you to think there’s time to go and buy a snack from them).
Red Rooster departure signs, Southern Cross station
(More on these signs at Marcus Wong’s blog)

Interesting… ummm… tree watchamacallit in Footscray:
Footscray tree

Last of my birthday gifts was last night (thank you M): superb tickets to Bill Bailey. Very funny stuff — go see him if you get the chance. Row AA was about four rows from the front. Fantastic.
Bill Bailey tickets

Hamer Hall is very impressive… we made sure to go in early to admire the new renovation.
Hamer Hall starts to fill up

Here’s what happens when you try and run a red light, but don’t make it across.
When you try to run a red light, but don't make it #RoadMorons

Is it just me who finds these fake birds at Bunnings a bit creepy when viewed en masse?
Bunnings birds

Bunnings birds

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6 replies on “End of the week pics”

Great shots.
The Red Rooster sign (where they deliberately don’t show trains coming in the next ten minutes) reminds me of the sign at Melbourne airport directing people to “local and regional buses”. The sign only refers to the private (ie expensive) buses, not the PTV cheap bus (this bus company does not pay the airport operator a fee for taking up space)

ah, excellent – we went to the Wednesday night show … I’m not so sure about the glow sticks hanging from the ceiling however, made me feel like I was at some weirdly formal rave party …

I like the “sidewalk tree planter grating”. This is the best way I could think of to describe this common object with no name. I wonder what the Chinese writing on it says?

Yes it’s like the stuffed animal section of SA museum. I wouldn’t plonk them in my garden prefer the real or should I say native birds. The eyes look like they’d follow you when your not looking.

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