A photo of mine reused by the Myki Customer Experience Panel (but I don’t mind)

Yesterday I was taking a look at the Myki Customer Experience Panel web site — that’s the set up where they ask a cross-section of Myki users about the system; get them to answer questions about what they’ve seen and how things are working for them. While some may moan about the extra cost, it’s tiny compared to the total budget for the system, and it’s the very type of consultation we need more of, I think.

Anyway, I was clicking around and looked at the Polls page:
Myki user panel pic

…and I thought hello, that photo of all the Metcards looks familiar.

Ah. Yes indeed. Very familiar:

It’s my hand, my photo, snapped in 2010, and originally used in this blog post comparing different fare options for regular PT users.

It’s not the first time one of my pics has shown up elsewhere. In 2009 one of mine showed up in a London Daily News story about UK trains. In 2008 two of my photos got morphed together on Channel 9 news.

I don’t actually mind my photos being re-published. I deliberately put a Creative Commons licence on most of what I upload to Flickr. I’m more than happy happy if someone re-using a photo of a PT problem that I’ve snapped helps get a stronger message across.

But I do actually specify my photos as “Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike”…

I haven’t found it yet, but perhaps the Myki Customer Experience Panel’s fine print somewhere hidden away on the site includes the attribution credit?

Update Friday: Here’s another case, from Green Left Weekly:

Green Left Weekly used one of my photos without attributionMyki and Metcard readers, W-class tram

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7 replies on “A photo of mine reused by the Myki Customer Experience Panel (but I don’t mind)”

Sounds like it’s stretching the definition of “non-commercial” a little bit, especially the other two, where pictures of people are a good way to make people look at things so they’ll look at ads. (Also the one the tv news used, that probably combined two heads from the bottom image, bringing them closer together, rather than pulling a third image in.)

I’d draw it to their attention – or I’m happy to do it as a panel member if you like. The conditions on us as participants have a whole section dealing with copyright of images on the site! I think it’s only to attribute.

@diva, I might flag it with them.

@Caleb, apart from the fact that retrospectively changing the licence wouldn’t work, why would I want to go to the expense and effort of suing them?

They are consultants, they never attribute anything to the people who create the artwork or knowledge.

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