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Happy Fathers Day.

As I recall it, there’s a scene in one episode of Frontline where Mike Moore is driving along listening happily to the radio, singing along to “We Built This City”. When the DJ comes on he derides it as “one for the oldies” and then throws to something newer, a heavy rock number which Mike thoroughly dislikes, leaving him shouting at the radio, demanding to know “Where’s the music??”

I was sitting in a cafe the other day where they play Mix FM when they had an 80s Flashback — 1927‘s “That’s When I Think Of You.”

To be honest I don’t know how much I like 1927’s other songs, but I really like this one — always have.

Mix FM went back to their usual fare, which made it pretty obvious that I am not the demographic that they are looking for.

There’s something I find very unappealing about the vocals in most of the songs — they seem to be produced to be deliberately distorted, and/or sounding like wailing, warbling, or seemingly out-of-tune (such as a cover-version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” where all the vocal bits from the original sounded off-key).

It’s just my opinion of course. Someone must like it I suppose.

By Daniel Bowen

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I hear you Daniel, and completely agree!!
We were watching something on 7 last night and Stevie Nicks was being interviewed. Showed some highlights of some Fleetwood mac concerts, and though I don’t really care for their music, I did say to Tony “see? This is music. A guitar or two, drums, real vocals. I don’t know what we are hearing on the radio anymore”. And is it any wonder I am currently listening to my pod at my desk?
I guess this means we are all ‘that’ age now…

curious – what shows do people listen from RRR? I listen to many shows off and on but probably my favorites are: Frank, Son of Crawdaddy, Hellzapoppin, The Good, The Dub And The Global, Get Down, Top Billin, Superfluity, and the late The Village and Chicken Mary shows … I don’t tend to listen to PBS often enough to know the grid that well, unfortunately

@malcolm, I used to love the Saturday afternoon dub show on Triple R. Looks like it’s not on anymore.

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Can You Dig It was on between 4-6pm until the end of 2009 but there was also Cocoa Butter between 8-10pm until mid-2008 and later Dynamite in the same slot until the end of 2010 … do any of those sound right? … good bit of Rockabilly with Hellzapoppin there now …

(will start using email address now, ta for the heads up)

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