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A quote from forty years ago today

The Age 8/7/1971: Transport

But solution of our problems involves hard cash. Of this, at present, public transport is getting less and less.

(Minister for Transport) Mr Wilcox emphasises that Government action depends largely on public demand. If such demands are not made funds go elsewhere.

He says that while the motor car owner readily provides funds for road building, there is no public transport users’ association to make demands on the Government.

The Age, July 8th, 1971

(Found by Marita; emphasis added. It’s unknown if Frank Casey was partially inspired by this comment.)

One reply on “A quote from forty years ago today”

Wow! Some new perspective. I am enthralled! I didn’t really see these issues the way this Mr.Wilcox did. So now it’s not exactly about corruption but the people should be the one demanding and fighting for what they are entitled to have and want it so bad so that the government can give it to them — or something like that.

Well, this eureka moment I have is still arguable, but this is something that people should try to consider and not just keep on blaming the government for not giving them anything.

Thanks! :)

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