What does WTFN stand for? (Keep it clean)

When their logo pops up on the telly at the end of some production, I often wonder what, if anything, WTFN stands for.

Their offices in Hawthorn East have the logo above the entrance.


Any suggestions welcome. But keep it clean.

(If the photo looks distorted, it’s because I took it from the tram zooming past. The original picture looks even more skewed, proving that my new phone may be rather nifty, but like the old one it has issues with objects moving sideways at speed.)

By Daniel Bowen

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… actually that’s Hawthorn – Hawthorn East is on the other side of Auburn Rd … my folks live around 600m south of that intersection … :)

It looks like the call sign of a US based radio or TV station. These call signs almost always begin wih a “W”. Perhaps they chose these letters to make people think “WTF” or it might just be a coincedence. I have never seen this logo before and I have no Idea what sort of business this is.

I never knew that Daniel. Very interesting. I lived most of my life in the US east of the Mississippi and most of the stations I am familiar with begin with a W.

Somehow my name was lost from your site where it usually automatically appears without my noticing it and therefore my last post came up as “anonymous”.

I thought they were the call sing for a local station in the US, WWFN. Which is a sports radio network. They call themselves “The Fan” , It’s a normal marketing practice to have a name that works with the Radio Call Sign.

Perhaps it’s a name based on American TV station call signs, like WNBC, WABC, WFOX et al?

Or maybe it’s simply the What The F*** Network.

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