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Time to go shopping

Both my digital camera and my electric shaver are on their last legs, in need of replacement.

I don’t think either has done too badly.

The Canon A70 camera was bought in April 2003, and from memory cost me about $600 at the time. The technology has got better and cheaper, and I expect a replacement (hell yes I’ll get another Canon) will cost about a third of that amount, and certainly won’t require 4 AA batteries to run.

The Philishave 6867 shaver was, as I recall, bought in 2002. From memory it cost a bit under $200. It too has gone the distance, though a couple of years ago the battery started misbehaving, making it necessary to shave while plugged into the mains. Now however one of the heads has broken, so it’s at two-thirds capacity.

Sadly Choice magazine hasn’t reviewed men’s shavers since 2004, but I’d happily buy Philips again.

Also in the land of consumerism, I invested in two bananas yesterday. At $11.98/kg, the two of them cost $4.65. Ouch. Tasty though.

Oh yeah, I also have to buy new shoes. I hate buying shoes.

By Daniel Bowen

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Sounds like March is shopping-month for you!
I didn’t get your point about a new camera probably not needing 4 AA batteries to run. Do you mean cameras now use less power (ie more efficient)? Or do you mean they now have a unique rechargeable battery? thanks

I have to agree about sticking with Cannon, I bought an IXUS100 a while ago and can’t be happier with it. Second Cannon camera, as well as printer and scanner, I guess if you don’t have any issues why change? the 100, 12.5 MP (it’s been superseded) is so tiny you can keep it in your pocket without noticing it, the small rechargeable battery lasts for a long time, stays operational for much longer than my old Cannon with double As. I also like that I can take pics in wide screen format for viewing on the LCD tele or 24″ monitor. Movies are also in HD which is nice.

Would recommend Adorama if you want to buy a cheap SLR or new camera as the exchange rate is so good at the moment. Under $700AUD for a reconditioned D3100, extra battery, bag and memory card. Would have cost at least $1000 in Australia plus the camera is hard to get at the moment.


Personally I wouldn’t buy a digital camera that used anything but AA batteries. You can buy AA batteries at any milkbar, chemist, tourist shop, etc. If your propriety battery ruins out of juice half way through a tour of St Pats you’re up the font but if you run standard batteries you can buy some in house and carry on clicking. If you leave your charger at home you are stuffed also.

Just thoughts,

I have a Philishave of similar vintage and just had to replace a couple of parts. Both issues you mention are replaceable so if you’re happy to that’s a cheaper way to go than a new shaver – they haven’t come down in price!

Agree with Nigel. I’ve had a Fujipix S series for several years, which I purchased for this reason and because it has a body like my old film SLRs (takes great quality pictures too). I’ve taken this camera around the world and have been caught out several times with flat batteries I’m unable to charge. No problem – I carry four extra (rechargeable) AAs with me and back to taking pictures in a minute or I can purchase spares from just about any nearby retail outlet.

@nigel & @craig: the only new cameras which run on standard batteries are the lowest end units; unfortunately you’ve got to buy an effectively disposable camera if you want decent quality digital (or hope that eBay is able to provide you with a replacement battery in five or six years).

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