A 4WD actually used for 4WDing

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of four wheel drives, but it’s nice to see one that’s obviously used for its intended purpose, rather than just cruising around the suburbs.

A 4WD actually used for 4WDing

It appears to be real mud, not those stick-on blobs you hear about.

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “A 4WD actually used for 4WDing”

Whats wrong with 4WD’s?

We have one and enjoy it. So do tens of thousands of other urbanites.

In fact we have had it for over a year and only once have actually engaged the 4WD.

A lot of people are envious of us.

It’s sort of sad that a mud-splattered 4WD is so rare that it’s worth a photo.

All the ones we see in our ‘hood are pristine and shiny and seem to only go as far as private school and the shops!

Higlly. Not envious. I have a real four wheel drive that does real work. On a large property. Carting hay and bits of machinery and stuff around. Rarely if ever sees the tar. Please don’t bring your toy near our place. We have enough of you destructive urbanite wankers to contend with. Stay under your bridge, like a good troll should.

And what’s the supposed difference between a 4WD and a AWD? After all, they have 4 wheels, and if they all get driven, that’s 4WD… :)

Arrhh… older my sister who’s always been on my back about everything environmental has recently moved to Kyneton and now decided she needs to upgrade her little Citreon for a 4WD Defender!

I’ll admit that the Citreon probably isn’t too appropriate as she now at least heads onto dirt roads fairly often and commutes between Melbourne and Kyneton nearly daily (which isn’t what the Citreon is designed for), but a dirt road does not require a bloody defender….

I’m trying to convince her that if she does buy a new car it should be something in between. No point going from one extreme to the other.

Apparently there’s a company in the UK where you can buy your very own mud to splatter on your urban 4WD so that you can pretend you’ve been somewhere rugged…

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