An offer likely to be ignored

This addressed flyer was slipped into the fence of this property, offering the householder a free exchange of their shower head to an efficient one, and a discount on a toilet upgrade.

Delivery (1/2)

The only problem is that in this case, there’s no toilet, no shower, no householder, and in fact… no house.

Delivery (2/2)

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “An offer likely to be ignored”

No wonder they couldn’t deliver it properly. The street number and name have been scubbed out!

That’s pretty funny.

I note that it’s a properly addressed piece of mail, with a “postage paid Australia” stamp. In other words, it’s not in the same category of junk mail as K-Mart catalogues and flyers for your local pizza place.

With that in mind, aren’t OzPost under some kind of legal obligation to deliver all mail that is correctly addressed and paid for? (And the *address* would be correct, even if the house doesn’t exist.) I imagine the postman is not allowed to just say “hey, this is silly” and throw it away. He may not even be allowed to return it to the sender with “no house at this address” It’s probably not his call.

Or are they only legally required to deliver it if there’s a mail box on the property? Which there isn’t in this case. That would be a far more sensible rule.

I bet it gave the postie a laugh, though.

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