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Go on then, name me something more Aussie than kangaroo sausages on the barbecue?

Kangaroo sausages on the barbecue

To be honest I haven’t previously been that keen on the kanga bangers when grilled or fried. But BBQ makes everything taste better… right?

Update 4pm. Amusingly given Tony’s comment, I flipped on the TV while I was eating and found Skippy on Gem. The snags were more enjoyable barbecued, though still not my favourite. A shame, since they’re so much healthier (eg virtually zero fat, compared to beef which are 20%+ fat).

Mind you, Macro Meats could do with someone to do a little checking of their packaging. Rogue apostrophes in this day and age.

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Kanga Banga’s are possibly the least enjoyable way I’ve had kangaroo – they’re not juicy enough for sausages, which is the nature of such lean meat.

I highly recommend the steaks if you haven’t tried them. It’s the only steak I buy now days (for 5+ years) due to the flavour and texture of the meat. Not mention it’s cheap as chips in comparison.

I’ve found the steaks/fillets need to be cut lengthways to make a couple of thinner steaks/fillets, because they puff up a lot when heated, giving very uneven cooking. The roast isn’t too bad either.

I ‘endure’ the kanga bangas because of the health factor but the best way to eat ‘roo is marinated and then barbecued.

Having said that, we had Japanese for lunch and Italian for dinner!

Kangaroo is, I can report, especially enjoyable when you’re on the Colonial Restaurant Tram, you’re on honeymoon and you’re washing it down with a jolly decent red while nocturnal Melbourne drifts slowly past outside the window……. ;-)

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