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The hunt for Big M egg flip

Big M egg flipBillboards for Big M’s limited edition Egg Flip flavour are popping up all over the place.

I had a hankering to try it, to see if it was good if I remembered. So the kids and I went looking, in all the places that usually sell Big M (aka “Big M seller fellers”).

Safeway? Nope. Coles? No. Bakers Delight? No. Brumby’s? Nup. Bakery down the street which probably has a real name but I don’t recall what it is? Nope.

I had a whinge on Twitter about not being able to find it, and the very well-informed Twitterati came to my assistance: it’s only available at 7-11 at the moment.

That there is a marketing and distribution FAIL. If you’re going to spend up big promoting your limited edition product, either distribute it widely so people have a fighting chance at buying it, or at least mention that it’s only available at a particular outlet.

Otherwise, people who want your product are going to give up before they find it.

Sure enough we finally found it at 7-11. After the big search, I found the flavour a little underwhelming, to be honest.

Oh well. Who remembers this great Big M advert from 1988?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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12 replies on “The hunt for Big M egg flip”

Daniel, Big M Eggflip is available at some coles supermarket, Prahran store has it, but Elsternwick doesn’t…. still (go figure).

Oddly enough, I saw the billboards from my tram to work today, got off the tram, went into the nearby 7-11 and there it was.

Nothing to rave about but I used to enjoy the taste of the egg flips my mother used to make and wanted to compare. This wasn’t quite the same and no wonder, a glance at the ingredients shows no egg at all! Just milk, sugar, flavouring, vegetable gum and colouring.

My mother’s egg flips had milk, an egg and vanilla essence, blended with an eggbeater. i’ve been a fan of real vanilla since I was little, as a result.

I found it at a dodgy cafe in Clayton, the best Egg Flip M always came in the long life tartra pack (or whatever it is called)…that long life milk gave it that creamy extra goodness

We found it at the Garden View cafe on Nicholson St Carlton – the day after reading this blog on it and having a chuckle!

Is this an Australian version of eggnog? If it tasts like eggnog I would probably like it but the first time I saw the ad on a billboard all I thought was “ugh!”

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