Bentleigh station looking grey

Metro must have been buying a lot of grey paint. All of the graffiti on the retaining wall opposite platform one at Bentleigh has been painted over, as have the sides of the platforms.

Bentleigh station, with clean walls

Bentleigh station, with clean walls

There’s been a similar frenzy of painting grey on the walls in the cuttings around South Yarra.

I wonder if people have noticed, and how long it’ll stay like that.

By Daniel Bowen

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At Ormond they have painted the bottom half of a pole that was covered in graffiti. But they stopped half way and I reckon it looks odd…

Nothing is more tempting to taggers than a blank canvas/freshly painted wall. Nothing is more discourageing to a tagger than to have their “artwork” immediately cleaned up or painted over. They love nothing more than to see their “artwork” stand the test of time and if it is quickly covered over all the fun goes out of it.

Just like littering once started it can quickly get out of hand leaving the area looking very shabby and neglected. If the freshly painted areas are kept free of new tags the taggers will soon lose interest.

I’ve noticed recently that they have cut back the long grass (weeds) and generally tidied around my local railway station, Hughesdale. It’s not perfect but a step in the right direction.

Canterbury had underneth it’s platforms cleaned during the last trackwork shutdown. Was re-vandalised within 2 days and still not cleaned since.

The 3rd platform can become the shops that are in that closed cinema then the cinema can rebuild and reopen. No need for a 3rd platform on 1 railway line.

@phillip, First you’d better work out where the 10+ trains per weekday (plus others during service disruptions/trackwork) that use that platform will stop.

There’s a few simple ways to get rid of tagging.
1) Use plants.
2) Provide checkered contoured walls
3) Have a replacable canvas.
4) Use advertising to covered up blank walls.

They have only done the cutting between Hawksburn and South Yarra; the rest of the cut section to Malvern is as unsightly as ever. They have also done the section between East Richmond and Burnley and the tie-station at Burnley which was one of the most unsightly areas, as well as odd sections like the Warrigal Road overpass at Oakleigh and North Road overpass at Huntingdale (re-vandalised and re-painted).

I have noticed that the ‘art’ reapplied to the blank canvas has been painted over fairly quickly again in most cases. From experience of a similar program by the Greater Dandenong Council on fences along parks, etc. As a result they have largely given up as nothing is on display long enough to be noticed.

I think ‘Funkineering’ has a point – a planting program would helpcover what is Melbournes worst eyesore.

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