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Input and output

Some figures I need to keep in mind the next time I am tempted by one of Hungry Jacks’ evil Bacon Deluxe Value Meals (opting for the OJ):

Food Burger Reg fries Orange juice
Energy 3030 kJ 1601 kJ 695 kJ
Protein 43.3 g 5.9 g 1.6 g
Fat – total 47.5 g 19.0 g less than 1 g
– saturated 19.2 g 10.2 g less than 1 g
Carbohydrate 29.2 g 44.7 g 38.1 g
– sugars 5.9 g 0.6 g 36.1 g
Sodium 1226 mg 452 mg 8 mg

Source: Hungry Jacks

A total of 5326 kilojoules. Not exactly healthy.

According to this exercise chart, to burn off that much energy, I (weighing about 75 Kg) would need to walk at a brisk pace (6 km/h) for 231 minutes — or almost 4 hours.


Maybe today for lunch I’ll have a sandwich.

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Input and output”

Those figures are scaremongering. You only need to burn off those kilojoules if they are surplus to your fixed daily requirements plus your incidental exercise. That may or may not even be the case.

As my father use to say: A little bit of what you fancy does you good.
Unfortunately, he died prematurely of heart failure. So there goes that theory!

Peter, sure, it depends on your Recommended Dietary Intake for your weight and exercise level. But this calculator indicates that’s around half mine for Kj, as well as about half the RDI of fat and saturated fat (not to mention blowing away the RDI for sodium).

No wonder Morgan Spurlock got so unhealthy during Supersize me — even without the supersizing, 3 meals like that per day would be very bad for you.

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