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Twitter highlights part 4

This post in a continuing series covers the first half of 2009. (Why?)

January 2009

noted a lot of joggers about. New year’s resolutions? There’s a few people out on the roads who should resolve to indicate. 5:28 PM Jan 1st from txt

watching Marita beat up virtual people in Wii boxing. 12:23 PM Jan 3rd from web

is not the new Doctor Who. 7:59 PM Jan 5th from web

barrelled over to Bunnings on the bus to replace a blown bathroom bulb. 4:55 PM Jan 8th from web

wishing wasn’t using the Sandy line today: delays earlier due to equipment failure, and now “police operations” at Balaclava. Wish me luck. 4:46 PM Jan 13th from web

With other Sandy line refugees on packed sweaty tram. 5:10 PM Jan 13th from txt

Girl on tram fainted, she’s ok now though, her fellow commuters came to her aid with water and first aid advice. 5:29 PM Jan 13th from txt

is seeing which clowns are quoted in this morning’s Age editorial 7:32 AM Jan 15th from web

Just climbed the rigging of a sailing ship in the bay. 4:19 PM Jan 18th from txt

has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience. Here, have an icecream. 6:49 PM Jan 19th from web

I for one welcome our new Obama Overlord. 9:59 PM Jan 20th from web

just spotted a bloody big spider on the outside of the back door. Oh now I can’t see it… aaaarggghhh. Hope it’s still outside. 10:18 PM Jan 21st from web

just can’t help ordering DVDs from Amazon UK when there’s a sale on and the Pound is so low. 1:13 PM Jan 23rd from web

Took a look at the Lego display in the city. Some pretty impressive models, including a 3-ish metre tall Eiffel Tower. 4:25 PM Jan 25th from web

That SBS doco on dinosaurs didn’t have Bill Oddie as advertised, but the ostrich running on a treadmill was more than compensation for it. 9:42 PM Jan 25th from web

Looked at the weather forecast and wishing I could hibernate in a cave somewhere. 38/41/40/40/40. No cool change until Sunday-ish. Blargh. 8:09 AM Jan 27th from web

Considering moving to Antarctica. 5:20 PM Jan 28th from web

ate breakfast cereal for dinner. Coldest balanced meal I could find in the house. 8:38 PM Jan 28th from web

Train on fire at Mckinnon. Frankston line blocked. 8:04 AM Jan 29th from txt

Hello to all my new Twitter followers. Hope it’s not too dull for you. 12:57 PM Jan 29th from web

Am clearly not only one heading out of town early to beat the mess the trains will shortly be. On some lines they already are. 4:15 PM Jan 29th from txt

Got home to find most shops had shut early due to earlier power outage. Thermostat inside house a record 34 C. 5:26 PM Jan 29th from web

There’s a train being cancelled about every 3 minutes. 5:34 PM Jan 29th from web

Ch7 says the train problems at McKinnon this morning were caused by Jesse Martin, who can apparently not drive as well as he can sail. 6:15 PM Jan 29th from web

Why are wikipedia citations so damn fiddly? Surely this can be made easier to do. 9:34 AM Jan 30th from web

Will be on Newsradio at about 4:15pm to talk about the mess with the trains. 2:53 PM Jan 30th from web

OK that’s done. Now to continue consuming my own body-weight in ice cream. 4:25 PM Jan 30th from web

Major power outages throughout northern suburbs. City loop has lost power. Flinders St too, but back on now. 7:12 PM Jan 30th from web

Have guided M onto a bus to get out of CBD, going to pick her up. Is this all the signs of a forthcoming apocalypse? 7:40 PM Jan 30th from web

February 2009

Narked off about public transport over the last few weeks? Rally at Parliament Tuesday lunchtime. 1:18 PM Feb 1st from web

Probably on channel 7 news (Melbourne) shortly, talking about the you-know-what. 5:44 PM Feb 2nd from web

Am I the only one hearing audio distortion on SBS TV (analogue, Melb) during the commercial breaks, especially S and F sounds? 8:53 PM Feb 2nd from web

heading to public transport rally. Will feel pretty silly if trains are disrupted! 10:50 AM Feb 3rd from web

So that’s it. MX and Tetris on my phone are no longer enough to keep me entertained on the twenty minute train trip home. 5:14 PM Feb 5th from txt

Been mucking about with HTML but sick of that now, so will go play some Wii.9:20 PM Feb 5th from web

woke to find ants cunningly using vertical kitchen surfaces on their path to the dirty dishes in the sink. No good spot to put the Antrid. 7:38 AM Feb 6th from web

can’t see properly. It’s like a bunch of dead pixels in my eyesight. Have had very occasionally before. It should pass, but it’s alarming. 10:50 AM Feb 6th from web

can pretty much see okay now. With a very mild hint of headache. Nice. 11:16 AM Feb 6th from web

laughed my arse off at the Daily Show Obama Inauguration special. 9:06 PM Feb 6th from web

Could see haze over city – smoke from bushfires? Trains a real mess. Cool change on the way, already past Warrnambool. 4:13 PM Feb 7th from txt

In Chirnside Park. Can see smoke nearby. Maybe from Croydon or somewhere? 7:08 PM Feb 7th from txt

What can one say but best wishes for those in areas under fire threat, to those out there fighting the fires, and anyone else affected. 9:43 AM Feb 8th from web

“May your news be good news, and good night.” Brian told me. 10:18 PM Feb 8th from web

In need of cheering up? Try this England scorecard: 2nd innings against W Indies. 4 ducks; all out for 51. 7:45 AM Feb 9th from web

There is a teensy bit of good news amongst all this bad: The Rooster Tree (next to the Hume Fwy) survived. #bushfires 10:23 PM Feb 9th from web

If there are 50+ standees on a Cranbourne-bound train before the school rush, surely this means it’s time for more services? 2:59 PM Feb 10th from txt – Testing Twitpic. Sky hazy from bushfires 7:24 PM Feb 13th from TwitPic

How long has Today Tonight had those stupid sound effects and voiceover instead of a proper title sequence? 6:32 PM Feb 16th from web

heh Today Tonight, paraphrased “We’ve done a lot of stories about teen pregnancies, but they’re not actually that common.” This show is CRAP 7:00 PM Feb 16th from web

hoping any Sandringham line passengers have Plan B ready to go. Sandy line suspended. 4:12 PM Feb 18th from web

chuckling at New York City in abstract Lego 7:34 AM Feb 20th from web – Minding the gap at Footscray. 6:37 PM Feb 21st from TwitPic

Guy on train with sun glasses and ridiculously long beard looks like a Tintin villain. 9:03 AM Feb 23rd from txt – Thanks, I’ll wait for the next one. 6:09 PM Feb 23rd from TwitPic

impressed the Ch 10 traffic copter guy knew not only the 72 tram is affected by the Commercial Rd scaffold accident, also 216/219/220 buses. 5:30 PM Feb 24th from web

can’t believe I didn’t think to have pancakes today. 7:33 PM Feb 24th from web

got to work to find a fire drill in progress. Should I go to the agreed meeting place if I wasn’t even in the building? 9:37 AM Feb 25th from txt

thinking Kathy’s efforts at bringing a new human into the world out-does anything I’ve achieved this week. 6:24 PM Feb 25th from web

wondering what the blue ribbons worn by the federal pollies on the 7:30 Report are… and why Joe Hockey wasn’t wearing one. 7:47 PM Feb 25th from web

March 2009

Some traffic lights out in Footscray. Be careful people, don’t just barrel through like some are doing. 9:34 AM Mar 1st from txt

got my SMS alert from Vic police. Was flagged by The Age, so assume genuine. #sms #bushfires 3:11 PM Mar 2nd from web

On tram up to Parliament to talk to tv media about Myki. We first warned it would cause delays to trams in 2004. 11:50 AM Mar 3rd from txt

I reckon the “The BBC reckons…” books meme is just this list somebody’s modified and meme-ified. 10:12 PM Mar 3rd from web

Just spotted Connex’s elusive reduced seats half-train in service, city-bound at Malvern ex Frankston. 5:13 PM Mar 5th from txt

saw two robed monks coming out of Country Road. 5:25 PM Mar 6th from web

Was there just a minor quake in Melbourne? The house shook, and there’s no storm, no wind out there. 8:57 PM Mar 6th from web

discovered the local chemist no longer processes film. Digital photography’s conquest marches on. 12:32 PM Mar 9th from web

ripped into Myki’s many flaws. HS: PTUA: 7:32 AM Mar 11th from web

Having phone hassles. Voicemail has gone kaputsky. 4:56 PM Mar 11th from txt

So, the day after a letter arrives noting the newspaper subscription is going up in cost, it doesn’t turn up? 8:55 AM Mar 12th from web

is going through the bottom of the Gmail inbox and finding emails I should have replied to 3 years ago. 9:42 PM Mar 12th from web

Memo: Manchester Lane. A piece of cardboard propped up by a couple of bricks is not an approved safety barrier. 9:44 AM Mar 13th from web

Outraged there were no MXs in the Degraves St subway. Will have to resort to reading something I paid for. 5:22 PM Mar 16th from txt

Saw bloke drive out of Safeway carpark and park across street. Why bother?! Oh maybe he was picking up a really big order from chicken shop. 6:08 PM Mar 16th from web

Daniel 1, Cockroach nil. 8:19 PM Mar 16th from web

Dunno if it’s true trampolining burns 3 times the kilojoules of walking, but 5 mins on the tramp knackers me like 15 mins walking can’t. 7:40 PM Mar 17th from web

Felt nothing, but the tremor and the Blackhawks flying around must surely be portents of doom. #melbearthquake 4:36 PM Mar 18th from web

hoping my train home isn’t cancelled due to earth tremors. 4:44 PM Mar 18th from web

heh. RT @774melbourne So far only report of damage from Melb #earthquake is Orchard Grove After School Care’s house of cards record attempt 7:25 PM Mar 18th from web

Why are half my tweets not showing up in Facebook? No way do I want to be updating both. Life’s too short. 7:35 PM Mar 18th from web

Something’s really gone arse-about in the Melb/Sydney cliches when Syd gets Brian Eno and Melb gets Tiger Woods. 11:25 PM Mar 19th from web

Bloody car bloody electric window not working bloody bloody money down the drain I bet bloody bloody. 12:22 PM Mar 22nd from web

How many feckin’ spam emails will I get (allegedly) from today?! 7:00 AM Mar 23rd from web

got a new phone, and thus will be in geek nirvana for the rest of the day.1:45 PM Mar 25th from web

Yes, you get extra busker points for playing Billy Bragg. That’s worth a dollar. 10:00 AM Mar 27th from web

Heading for lunch with DC et al at the FOC. 11:46 AM Mar 27th from web

Oh no, the 5:07pm Frankston train “undefined”! 5:19 PM Mar 27th from web

Made one last ditch effort to rescue the fridge by vaccuuming out the back of it thoroughly before I call the service people. 7:26 PM Mar 27th from web

found someone’s mobile phone while walking the dog. Rang “Mum”. No answer yet. 8:53 AM Mar 29th from web

had channel 7 come to visit my sister’s during a birthday bbq. Heading off shortly to The Who. 5:05 PM Mar 29th from web

Riding bumblebee tram to Grand Prix. Hopefully will have missed most of car race, but have ear plugs ready if not. 6:05 PM Mar 29th from txt

Finally found premium concert entry. Would it kill them to have more signs? Dallas Crane on now. 7:02 PM Mar 29th from txt

(See this blog post for the rest of the Twitter posts during the concert)

Gave evidence at Senate Inquiry into PT. Not as intimidating as I thought it might be. Channel 17 in attendance. 11:28 AM Mar 30th from web

Trouble at McKinnon Stn. Feral man hit woman, possibly known to him. Confronted by passengers. Hopefully cops there now. 6:05 PM Mar 30th from web

Working from home, waiting for the fridge repairman to come and rescue me from the horrors of UHT Milk. 8:09 AM Mar 31st from web

Sigh. $500-600 to repair the fridge (11 years old), or buy a new one. 12:03 PM Mar 31st from web

April 2009

Call to move Westgate bridge flags to Footscray Station 7:24 AM Apr 1st from web

Seems to be a lot of outrage from 774 callers about Robert Doyle’s plan to dam the Yarra. 9:30 AM Apr 1st from web

Google Australia announces gBall(BETA)… 9:56 AM Apr 1st from web

Chinese investor proposal to rename MCG as Mekong Cricket Ground 10:04 AM Apr 1st from web

Lots of very serious comments from outraged people (90% maybe?) on the HS story about renaming the MCG. 12:11 PM Apr 1st from web

Wow, it is pissistently raining (as we used to say in school). 12:04 PM Apr 3rd from web

Connex line suspension bingo: So far I’ve got Epping, Hurstbridge, Craigieburn, Upfield, Alamein, Pak/Cran. :-( V/Line not great either. 3:29 PM Apr 3rd from web

I can see why they call them V/Locities. This train to Geelong may have just broken the sound barrier. Bye bye suckers on the freeway. 9:24 AM Apr 4th from txt

spoke to Ch2+7 at Bentleigh Stn on the Sunday Age story about the Connex deal with drivers. 12:45 PM Apr 5th from web

Sigh, my blog is down. ISP knows about it. Will just have to Twitter instead. Or go do something productive. 7:16 PM Apr 5th from web

Heading over to JoyFM for tonight’s Heating Up environmental issues show. Should air at 10pm. 6:20 PM Apr 6th from web

Finished at JoyFM. I may have jabbered on a bit too long. They might have to edit me down a bit. 7:03 PM Apr 6th from txt

Spoke to ABC TV news at Flinders St about closing of tenders for Melb trains. BTW I don’t think I said “ain’t” 12:33 PM Apr 7th from web

thanks Kerryn for standing in for me for Ch7, who had no time to come all the way out to Bentleigh today.1:44 PM Apr 8th from web

Working from home in order to avoid inflicting colleagues with my snotty condition. 10:05 AM Apr 9th from web

No, I do not buy anything over the phone. That’s why I have a silent number. 6:16 PM Apr 9th from mobile web

Wishing I’d got the blue rocket-powered eucalyptus and menthol Strepsils, not these piss-weak yellow ones, which do nothing for my cough. 10:15 PM Apr 9th from web

Amen, @bobbyllew No matter what powers a car, there’s still too many cars on the road. Bit of a guilt trip for me, sitting in static traffic 9:01 AM Apr 10th from web

Always amusing to see the people who drive into the Safeway carpark on Good Friday, only to realise then that it’s shut. Happens every year. 1:40 PM Apr 10th from web

In a paddock helping with a burn off. 2:31 PM Apr 12th from txt

got home to find Channel 7 camped on my doorstep, but in a good way (early for 11:30 appointment). Trains again. 11:24 AM Apr 13th from web

Amused to see Sorrell and Costigan obit pics in The Age show them both merrily smoking. That generation I suppose. 9:10 AM Apr 14th from web

Who will rid me of this lingering cough? 9:34 AM Apr 14th from web

What, Twitter just lost three days worth of my Tweets? How will all the other Twats (as M says) know what I’ve been up to? 2:36 PM Apr 14th from web

Coughing my guts up. Bleuch. 9:40 PM Apr 14th from web

Dear Flickr Uploadr, you’re so crap at uploading there’s not much point having you. Oh, 14Mb update? Will this fix it so you actually work? 10:47 PM Apr 14th from web

Both internet and undercover clothesline have broken down. Surfing and laundry now in jeopardy. 9:19 AM Apr 15th from txt

I don’t need your Report Of Marginal Interest in XLS (not zipped), PDF and also as a ref in the doc mgt system. Just 1 of those 3 would do. 4:30 PM Apr 15th from web

Due to my failings at boxing, today I have a Wii age of 73. The Wii still sportingly says “Good job!” 5:07 PM Apr 15th from web

FFS keep your ego in check. This is not about you, and you are not the font of all knowledge. 7:53 PM Apr 16th from web

There goes the neighbourhood. Oprah joins Twitter. 54,000 followers so far and no posts yet, so nothing to actually follow!? 2:11 PM Apr 17th from web

Glad I’m not heading home via the Craigieburn line, Citylink tunnels, Royal Parade, Monash Fwy, or the Hurstbridge line. 5:38 PM Apr 17th from web

Very foggy out. Less understandable is the large number of kickboxing leaflets littering the neighbourhood. 8:42 AM Apr 20th from txt

Obama’s vision for high speed rail (via PT4ME2) 6:30 PM Apr 20th from web

Moseying down to look at Connex’s test train. 11:42 AM Apr 22nd from web

Hoping I don’t look *too* chummy with Connex on tonight’s news. 5:59 PM Apr 22nd from txt

Heading to monthly meeting of agitators! 5:49 PM Apr 23rd from web

Video of the Connex demonstration train. See what you think, have your say. 10:20 PM Apr 23rd from web

Please, pain, get out of my head. 10:54 AM Apr 26th from web

Southland packed. Carpark packed. Why don’t we have a feckin’ railway station there yet?! Did run into @RXAphotography on travelator tho’. 4:05 PM Apr 26th from web

Ran into Catherine G in Safeway. Must be the day for meeting people out of the blue. 6:56 PM Apr 26th from web

Isn’t it nice to know the guy who screwed up PT in Victoria for so many years is now in charge of power? 10:40 PM Apr 26th from web

Hello to you Twitterers reading my one thousandth Tweet. I’ll try and make it worthwhile. Oh bugger,out of space before saying anything good 7:32 AM Apr 27th from web

No really, they’ve built platform stops where no low-floor trams run, eg St K Rd south of junction, Mt Alexander Rd. 7:41 AM Apr 27th from web

Age email news PM update has no stories in it for the second day in a row. I guess nothing going on. 6:34 PM Apr 27th from web

Thank you, weather, for not raining on me during my walk to the station. Thank you, train, for being almost on-time and not crowded. 8:50 AM Apr 28th from txt

may never get used to early-morning radio calls. 7:41 AM Apr 29th from web

banged my foot getting out of the shower. Very unco-ordinated sometimes. Hurts like hell to walk on. Good day to work at home, methinks. 9:13 AM Apr 29th from web

OK mr support person, I’ll humour you and clear my cookies and re-start my browser. I bet it won’t work though. 12:05 PM Apr 29th from web

Telling my web ISP why I’m dumping them. It’s nothing personal, they’ve been great. It’s me, not you. 7:38 PM Apr 30th from web

May 2009

Working from home due to little toe user error, causing fracture. 9:06 AM May 1st from web

What’s a good Twitter client for Windows that tells me exact times of tweets, none of this “about 2 hours ago” crap? 1:56 PM May 1st from web

Interesting article on Twitter Title ironic “Making a twit of yourself” given it got a basic fact wrong: “149 characters” 9:30 AM May 3rd from web

Could you possibly have your arguments about what you want to buy BEFORE you get to the checkout? 6:44 PM May 3rd from txt

Twitter search for Logies + lame returns 3 pages of results from tonight alone. 11:22 PM May 3rd from web

Pollies sound so insincere after being grilled by Kerry when they sign-off with “Good to speak with you” or “It’s a pleasure.” 7:48 PM May 4th from web

Attempting to upgrade a computer. $45 to triple the RAM? Bargain. 7:58 PM May 4th from web

will miss the post-budget lockout media scrum; Kerryn’s going for me. Will talk to ABC Radio after 4:30pm tho’. 1:22 PM May 5th from web

booked in for Star Trek on Sunday in Gold Class… w00t! 10:40 PM May 5th from web

Licence plate FAIL: “VEEDEE”. 9:44 AM May 6th from web

Rob spotted a Myki reader in the wild on a Melbourne tram. Your tax dollars at work. 9:57 PM May 6th from web

Mary, why didn’t you mention this? Former Herald Sun PT journo Mary Bolling blogging her American “Rock’n’roll” tour. 12:54 PM May 7th from web

Lunching at the Racv club! Think I just saw @ashgar 12:39 PM May 8th from txt

is heading to the wilds of Sassafras 10:45 AM May 9th from web

Heading down the street for a little shopping and to chat to ABC TV about train-surfing. (Don’t do it kids, it’s bloody dangerous.) 11:00 AM May 10th from web

Really enjoyed the Star Trek movie. Live long and prosper! 6:13 PM May 10th from web

Dear Microsoft Update, I don’t see why I need to install “Update for Outlook 2007 Junk Email Filter” when I don’t have Outlook installed. 8:22 PM May 10th from web

Apparently re-installing Windows on a new drive in an old computer counts as a new computer to iTunes. 10:02 PM May 10th from web

Connex Live Updates web site is broken. apologises for any inconvenience caused. 7:43 AM May 11th from web

should actually get dressed and out of the house at some stage I suppose. Damn Monday mornings. 8:26 AM May 11th from web

Oh joy, Frankston line delays. Glad I’m in no tearing hurry to get home. 6:12 PM May 11th from web

Part line suspension + cancelled service + queue at supermarket = crowded train + an hour door to door; not too bad actually. 7:43 PM May 11th from web

“Hi Jeremy’s Dad!” — greeting in school yard. 4:58 PM May 12th from web

Metro rail tunnel didn’t get up, but West Werribee to Southern Cross regional rail link did. #budget 7:53 PM May 12th from web

discovered a guy I knew at uni is now CEO of the Perth Wildcats. 9:18 PM May 12th from web

At Southern Cross talking to tv media about the Federal budget. Apparently Brumby will get off a train from Bendigo at 11:30. 11:15 AM May 13th from txt

getting very sick of the phrase “shovel-ready”. 6:16 PM May 13th from web

Dinner is shovel-ready! 6:48 PM May 13th from web

So have I got this straight? #MatthewJohns is pulled off all channel 9 shows. And *then* he does an exclusive interview for ACA? 9:45 PM May 13th from web

Now i’ve heard everything. Woman on train with mobile phone ring that sounds like a crying baby. Bizarre. 5:11 PM May 14th from txt

saw apparently more kids walking and riding to school than usual today (Walk to School Day)… good stuff. 9:02 AM May 15th from txt

RT @Esurientes Charlie the Wonderdog will never be the same – adieu Bud Tingwell 10:05 AM May 15th from web

May I just take this opportunity to wish my eldest son Isaac a happy 14th birthday. 12:17 PM May 15th from web

Good Age article: Who would give up their car if they have to wait 40-60 mins for a bus? 10:03 AM May 17th from web

got one of those Greenpeace letters saying they’ll increase my contributions unless I respond. They’ll be getting a call from me. 12:25 PM May 17th from web

saw a stretch Hummer turning into Swanston Street. Jeez those things look bloody stupid. Like a kind of bogan limo. 9:43 AM May 20th from web

RT @ptua The Age: Car use ‘costing nation billions’ Details in PTUA tax submission 12:19 PM May 21st from web

Man in Flinders Lane: “You have a lucky face. Would you like me to tell you why?” No. I don’t read the horoscopes, either. 1:24 PM May 21st from web

Hello to all you morons driving around in this heavy fog with no lights on. 8:43 AM May 22nd from txt

Riding the demonstration layout train, the one with less seats. I’m the only person standing. 8:59 AM May 22nd from txt

thanks Dick Cheney for today’s jargon: “enhanced interrogation” = “torture” 7:41 PM May 22nd from web

At emergency. M got bit by a cranky dog (not her own). 5:20 PM May 23rd from txt

thanks those who asked. M didn’t need stitches, just a tetanus shot and some antibiotics. Nurse: “dogs are filthy. They lick bums.” 2:04 PM May 24th from web

came back from a trip to Ikea with my fully sick boys, with a Poang and a spatula in the hatchback. 6:23 PM May 24th from web

Classic ipod on shuffle seems to favour Beatles White Album. Both are plain white and made by Apple. Co-incidence? 8:14 PM May 24th from web

Trying to redeem a Latina pasta cashback? Be warned: don’t just guess the Latina web address! It’s actually 10:30 PM May 24th from web

Dear Metlink/Yarra Trams, you’ve really lost me now. “Route 16 towards East Malvern”? “Route 96 towards Kew”?! 9:45 PM May 25th from web

It’s taken a while, but I see Swine Flu has finally crossed the Yarra, reaching Burnley and Canterbury 12:45 PM May 27th from web

Wait a sec, didn’t John Farnham get sued the last time he did a comeback tour? 9:40 PM May 27th from web

ALERT! DOUGHNUTS! 11:40 AM May 28th from web

New train timetable July: Minor changes in peak, but trains every 10 mins from Werribee between peaks 11:23 AM May 29th from web

spoke to TV media at FSS re: train timetables. Every 10 mins to Werribee is great; now let’s get it on all lines, 7-days. 12:53 PM May 29th from web

Some kind of dodgy spill in Flinders Lane? Firies cleaning up after dumping sand on it; traffic blocked at Swanston St. 12:54 PM May 29th from web

Flinders Lane chemical spill: lunchtime pics Since then it has resulted building evacs 4:25 PM May 29th from web

Herald Sun now linking to my pics from Swanston St chemical spill. Hope no serious effects #melbourne5:16 PM May 29th from web

New assistant for Doctor Who: I’m getting old. They’re getting almost young enough to be my own offspring. 10:18 AM May 30th from web

spotted the photo of my forearm wearing Myki wristbands on the Heckler page on the back of the Sunday Age. 12:31 PM May 31st from web

June 2009

Why is it the United States of America has only one Vice-President, but Google has about 30? 11:20 PM Jun 2nd from web

Commuter catchphrase #43: I’m stuck on a train outside Flinders Street.9:09 AM Jun 3rd from txt

At Scienceworks for the Star Wars exhibit opening. 6:32 PM Jun 3rd from txt

Would you mind using your INDICATORS while turning? And you might also want to, you know, KEEP LEFT. 8:47 AM Jun 4th from txt

passed John Lenders on Collins St. He didn’t look as cranky as @melfyfe said he was the other day. 9:39 AM Jun 4th from web

Age: PT usage booming BTW I meant I was surprised at the jump in the context of petrol prices dropping 12:42 PM Jun 4th from web

Full page TAC ad in #Melbourne Age: “This Easter, all available police will be out across the state.” Um, Easter? 1:19 PM Jun 4th from web

This guy should be a DJ, not a train driver. (Though he’s doing fine at that too.) 9:15 AM Jun 5th from txt

Trying to logon to – insists I change my password (why?!) then says it can’t do it. #FAIL 12:06 PM Jun 5th from web

You parked in a bus zone then walked past three legal spots to where you were going? FAIL. 3:01 PM Jun 7th from txt

Actually, could someone organise for me to have the power to write out traffic infringement notices? Pretty please? 3:17 PM Jun 7th from web

Cut off from world. Electrician has shut off power to do some minor repairs. 10:49 AM Jun 9th from mobile web

Newsagent may think I’m a shoplifter, after I walked in+out with two Lego mags that had arrived by post for my kids. 4:28 PM Jun 9th from web

Memo @KevinRuddPM Ramsay v Grimshaw: You’ve got more important things to do than get into a spat btwn two showbiz people 12:24 PM Jun 10th from web

WTF? Two only escalator down to station but two up in the evening rush hour? Thanks for nothing, owners of the Melb Central maze. 4:58 PM Jun 10th from txt

realised I messed up my last Tweet due to writing on the run. Should have started “One escalator down to station”… 9:37 PM Jun 10th from web

was pleased to see Ch7 ran everyone’s favourite Myki footage (machine falling apart, same as 0:55) 7:46 PM Jun 11th from web

RT @ptua The Age: Why does 3.5 kilometres of new railway cost more than half-a-billion dollars? 8:55 AM Jun 13th from web

Waiting for a fasting blood test in a room full of starving people. 9:23 AM Jun 13th from txt

feeling sorry for friends who wanted their Facebook names, but have surnames like Brown and Smith! 2:10 PM Jun 13th from web

I see idiots have been vandalising one of the Wikipedia articles on my watchlist again. [undo] 9:29 PM Jun 14th from web

Hoping Monday morning commute goes smoothly, oh D’OH! RT @ConnexMelbourne Franks/Pak Lines, Ill Passenger at Armadale causing minor delays 8:12 AM Jun 15th from web

Platform not as cold as expected. Will defer call for Bentleigh Station to have central heating. 8:43 AM Jun 15th from txt

I find it amusing when those who deride the MainStream Media repost MSM stories three days after they’ve happened. 12:52 PM Jun 15th from web

Yikes. Des Moran shot dead in Ascot Vale. #Underbelly 1:24 PM Jun 15th from web

heard someone in younger kid’s year level at school has confirmed swine flu. EVERYBODY PANIC. Or not. Whatever. 3:27 PM Jun 16th from txt

OK, so who here clicks “Like” on their own Facebook items? 10:32 PM Jun 16th from web

Damn, I think I left my Visa card somewhere. If you find it, please don’t buy anything with it. 6:01 PM Jun 17th from web

@somtum You tried to upgrade your iPhone on the morning of needing it for an important presentation?! PEBCAK. 9:44 AM Jun 18th from web in reply to somtum

found my Visa card, left in the last shop I used it in. Glad nobody took a holiday on it.12:20 PM Jun 18th from web

Found my coat, and grabbed my hat; made the bus in seconds flat. 5:13 PM Jun 18th from mobile web

can smell someone in the neighbourhood has their barbecue going. Smells goooooood. 6:46 PM Jun 21st from web

One of the guys found a local councillor claiming to be an active PTUA member, but nobody’s heard of him; he’s not on the m’ship database…6:52 PM Jun 21st from web

ABC says Ozcar email found, and is fake. Godwin Grech’s house searched. 1:22 PM Jun 22nd from web

That councillor who claimed to be a PTUA member did pay up. Looks like database issue at our end. D’oh!! 9:00 PM Jun 22nd from web

drove car across town to service place in rush hour traffic. Glad I don’t do that every day. 8:11 AM Jun 23rd from mobile web

hanging onto one of those new cross bars on a packed train. 8:13 AM Jun 23rd from mobile web

Kodachrome film discontinued Reminds me of the funny “Kodak’s back!” video 12:42 PM Jun 23rd from web

COMMUTER ALERT! Connex achieves time travel! 9:01 arrives before 8:52. 9:05 AM Jun 25th from mobile web

Apparently Brumby just said on the radio that it will be today. #connex #melbourne #trains #trams 9:27 AM Jun 25th from mobile web

Announcement of new PT operators at 11am. Get your bets in now! 10:03 AM Jun 25th from web

RT @ptua State govt announces MTM (MTR) has won the trains Keolis the trams 11:09 AM Jun 25th from web

heh RT @rmeredit I for one welcome our new public transport overlords.12:35 PM Jun 25th from web

Age,HS,3AW,774,”PM”,Ch2+7+9+10,Stateline,Aust,FinReview… and somehow I managed to get my Real Work done as well today. 5:52 PM Jun 25th from web

Holy carp! RT @travismurray RIP Michael Jackson 8:02 AM Jun 26th from web

Hmm maintenance, was meant to be back at 6am, now showing “Top Stories” from January! 10:14 AM Jun 27th from web

got home after two hours out to find I’d left the front door open. Whoops. 5:17 PM Jun 28th from mobile web

Big whoops from The Age, who reported Gillard’s trip to Iraq before it happened. 7:27 AM Jun 30th from web

It looks like Sky News online also reported Gillard’s “secret visit” to Iraq before it happened 7:30 AM Jun 30th from web

saw Shaun Micallef heading into Flinders St Station to catch a train. 4:58 PM Jun 30th from mobile web

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