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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Kinda funny. Why just write “Garage sale” in your poster, when you can instead have an image of another “Garage sale” sign? To really spin people out, they could print this picture and stick it up around the place.
Garage sale

The Royal Mint, Melbourne. Established 1872. Producer of all Australian coins between 1927 and 1967. Noted as one of the finest government buildings of the 19th century, and one of few Australian examples of the Renaissance revival style. So is it just me, or does the “AFTERNOON PARKING $15” sign somehow cheapen it?
Royal Mint, Melbourne

Likewise — it’s a little more subtle, but once you notice it, I think the grand Bourke Street entrance to Southern Cross Station is somehow cheapened by the Johnnie Walker advert across the top.
Southern Cross Station, Bourke St entrance

Still, maybe if they raise enough money, they can fix the leak in the roof.
Southern Cross Station roof, leaking

Maybe it’s just me that found this amusing: next to the Bus Zone, something more specific: a Mini Bus Zone.
Mini bus zone, Jasper Road

(By the way, apparently whoever is responsible for the Bus Zone sign hasn’t been told that bus now runs 7 days-a-week until about 10pm.)

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9 replies on “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign”

I find it annoying that many people leave their ‘garage sale’ signs attached to lamp-posts long after the sale is over. I have taken to pulling the signs down myself, and often dump them in the letter-box or front yard of the perpetrators. I know where they live.

I hate garage sales and seeing the signs. Maybe when you buy a ticket at Spencer Station all the money you spend is saved up until the price goes to enough to fix the roof then they can fix the roof

They should just get rid of the stupid roof – it traps diesel fumes, looks ugly increases carbon emissions due to the need for artificial lighting all day, can’t take a bit of hail, cost too much, and has no purpose other than stroking Bracks’ ego.

Any wonder, when you actually bother to study what it really is about!! They should never be the flavour of any time!!

The Marxists seem to be targeting students. I don’t think that too many older people would would take them seriously.

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