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Brief things and followups

Star Trek TNG — We started watching them all about a year ago, and are so far up to season 6. I wonder if in remastering for DVD, they changed the framing of some shots — it’s surprising how often we spot a boom mike in shot. (Reminds me: Must watch the “Car Pool” interview with Patrick Stewart, being driven around by Robert “Kryten” Llewellyn.)

Washing machine — I’m liking the new washing machine, but the 6.5 Kg capacity does have some disadvantages. I feel guilty about running it when it’s not full, so it’s taken a little re-organising of the schedule to work out the best days to run it. And when it does get used, hanging it all out on the line seems like a much bigger job than it used to be.

Grey water — I try and save my grey water; specifically I have a bucket underneath the shower which we fill up while waiting for the water to get hot. But sometimes if I’m slack at emptying the bucket, it sits there in the shower, full of water. Sometimes I notice this attracts mosquitos. I’m not sure how they get in, but listening to this Background Briefing programme on mozzies and dengue fever in Queensland recently has prompted me to ensure the buckets are emptied promptly.

The Weber Q barbecue which I got on points — I love it. Everything tastes better when cooked on it.

UPDATE — Mucho amusement that XKCD from the other day references a Star Trek TNG episode we watched on Monday.

By Daniel Bowen

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I wouldn’t feel overly guilty about not completely filling the washing machine for each load. Most front loaders sense the amount of clothing loaded and fill accordingly and will automatically use less water for a smaller load. This is of course not the case with top loading washing machines and dishwashers which use the same amount of water whether fully loaded or not.

Emptying the buckets every 1 days (2 days max) is quite safe. However, even that shouldn’t be necessary so long as the shower is used more than once a day. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.

I must admit, I never noticed any boom mikes when watching TNG on DVD. Season 6- the return of Scotty in “Relics”, Picard’s torture in “Chain of Command” (which you just watched), the return of Kahless the Unforgettable in “Rightful Heir”, Worf finding possible Khitomer survivors in “Birthright”, among others! But, In my opinion, the outright best episode in that season is by far “Tapestry”! At first, it doesn’t start off as much, but as the episode progresses, you see the storyline unravel, and it becomes not just an episode on Picard, but a personal allegory about everyone!

Daniel, do you have any particular favourite episodes? I was always fond of the Klingon episodes, as I loved the Klingons, even tried to learn the language for a while, which you can learn here:
If you practise long enough, you may be able to sing the Klingon anthem like myself:

One of the finest TV shows of all time! And one that is eternal! Funny how the the recently released Apple iPad is eerily similar to the Starfleet PADD:


Forgot to mention, if you’re interested in playing a Star Trek MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Paying Game), check out Star Trek Online on PC:
It’s excellent- every Trekker’s dream come true!!

keep a bottle of bleach near your shower a few drops in the bucket keeps mozzies at bay – also works if you have a shallow water feature in the backyard.

THe toploader I run (some drive by wire thing) has an ultralow setting that seems to use about an icecream container of water, and a vastly reduced wash time. Nice software, fairly crappy lid – it’s cracked.

Klingon? Loktar Ogar!

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