No, I won’t

See here’s the thing, Mr Facebook.

Facebook suggestion

Just because someone I know on your fine service has managed to resist the temptation to add 300 “friends” (most of whom in reality he barely knows) who can bombard him with requests to play Mafia Wars and Farmville and endless pointless quizzes, doesn’t mean you can rope me into suggesting people to him.

If he feels he has the time to throw away so that he keep his eyeballs staring at your web site for hours on end, so you can serve him irritating and irrelevant adverts, I’m sure he’ll find people to add himself.

If on the other hand he’s managed to limit his Facebook addiction, and “only has 18 friends on Facebook”, then good for him. I’m not going to mess that up.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

12 replies on “No, I won’t”

Yes, I get the Farmville thing on my Facebook page – very annoying.
And I’ve only got 9 friends. A bit sad, I know!

Roger – It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality! When you get a post saying a friend has done something on Farmville (or any other application), there will be an option that appears when you mouse over the top right of that panel. You can choose to hide everything from that friend (probably not) or hide everything from Farmville (Yes please!).

That revolutionised my FB as when one member of my family does a stupid quiz, many others quickly follow. Now I can block all posts about that quiz at the first instance.

Came to say about the “hide” thing, but Shell beat me to it

Made facebook so much nicer once I discovered that. almost useable now.

I would avoid it, but some people I know have given up on email and IM chats, and just use facebook. :(

I agree with you, its annoying as heck when this thing pops up.

Especially the new “No one has written on rogers wall” – I couldn’t
care a bit lol.

It’s annoying, but its what makes Facebook so big – viral marketing

38 friends? I don’t believe it can be that many. THis, twitter, etc, I only seem to log monthly or less. Who’s got Google Wave? It seems interesting, but there aren’t enough on it for me to use. Yet. After Google, Gmail and Android, I’m not prepared to wipe it off as another facebook.

I admit to using Facebook a lot (it’s actually a very effective way of staying in touch for my perhaps unorthodox lifestyle). However, I do wonder about some of the things i see updated on friends’ feeds. In particular, what on Earth *is* Farmville? (NB Rhetorical question only!)

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