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Spot the odd one out

The Saturday Age’s property section has a bit on pages 2-3 called Private Property, where they highlight various homes for sale, and note who is selling them, and their claim to fame, such that it is.

Spot the odd one out from yesterday’s edition:

  • Frankston car dealer and philanthropist Gary Lechte
  • Maryann Jesudason and her husband Mohan, the chief executive of gaming at Tabcorp Holdings
  • Architect Jon Friedrich and interior designer Ros Friedrich
  • Kerry Armstrong, one of Australia’s most popular and hardest-working actors
  • The director of health food importers Kadac, Jim Dick and his wife, Suzie Cole
  • Healthscope boss Bruce Dixon, and his wife Sue

Yes, that’s right — Kerry Armstrong. This weekend they managed to find someone you’ve actually heard of. Amazing.

I suppose it’s a legitimate marketing tool to highlight properties in this way.

What I’m wondering is if I ever decided to sell, could I get in here? I manage to occasionally bob my head into the public eye. Hmm, maybe I wouldn’t be obscure enough?

Perhaps the bigger problem is there’s no way my place would rank in the size/price range they highlight — the cheapest this week is in the “more than $1 million” range.

By Daniel Bowen

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Hey, I have heard of Jon & Ros! I went to school with a boy who was living with them. Singaporean, so he was here soaking up the enlightened educational offering, and also avoiding conscription/mandatory service. Nice family they were, to, the Freidrich’s that is, I never met school chum’s folks for obvious reasons.

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