Two urns lost

Overnight Australia lost the Ashes, after losing to England by 197 runs.

You can hear the joy in Stephen Fry’s voice in this short audio post on the subject:


And this weekend my footy tips tanked with just 4 out of 8. With only one more round to go, I now have no chance of winning the Anthony Malloy “memorial” trophy, the truly horrible urn which once adorned my house for an entire year.

So at least there’s some good news from the weekend’s sport.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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I don’t yet appreciate or know much about cricket but I am enjoying Stephen Fry’s series about visiting all 50 states in America airing on Sundays and I remember you mentioning in another post that you have watched an episode in this series too. This is a much more accurate view of my country and its people than the America that is often seen in the news, movies, and TV shows.

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