Old food

I’m amazed at the range of old things that I’d obviously bought, used a little of, then forgotten about, that I found in the back of the cupboard this morning while looking for sultanas.

  • Croutons, Best Before Jan 2008
  • Self-raising flour, BB Jul 2007 (there’s another newer one elsewhere)
  • Vita Wheat Biscuits, BB Sep 2007, and another BB Mar 2008… strange, as I really like these, and do eat them
  • Currants, BB Nov 2007
  • Rissotto, BB May 2008 — obviously it’s been a while
  • Cordial for the Slurpie-maker thingy, BB Dec 2007
  • Peanut butter, BB 20/7/2009 — just gone, should be fine but nobody’s eating it
  • Granulated nuts, Best before, BB 17/7/2009 — ditto
  • Popping corn, BB Nov 2008

Given these are only Best Before (not “Use by”) dates, some of this stuff might well be okay, if not “best”. But some of it’ll be no good and will have to go out.

A bit of a waste. On the bright side it’s freed up a fair bit of space in the cupboard!

By Daniel Bowen

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9 replies on “Old food”

Well now I have to go and check out my pantry – it’s really overcrowded so no doubt I’ll beat some of your BB dates!

Well the Cordial, unless it actually has something growing on/in it – should be fine. The sugar content should be high enough to keep it gunk free unless it’s been opened/contaminated.

The popping corn should also be okay unless they’ve been attacked by critters.

Heh! I brought out of date food when I moved interstate!

Chris, it’s the same all over Oz – we all call it popcorn but the one and only brand that is sold in any supermarket since I was a kid is the one that calls it Popping Corn…… weird.

I ate jam just the other day that I remember buying for my mum’s 60th – she’s turning 65 next month! And I tried another jam that my ex-flatmate bought in 2003. Both looked ok and I’m still here to tell the tale… But I should probably clean out my fridge…

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