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I hate buying shoes

ShoesI’m good at some things, and bad at others.

One of the things I’m worst at is buying shoes. I hate it, I’m not good at it, and while I don’t always stuff it up, it seems like I certainly do sometimes.

I went to replace my Ecco shoes. They’ve been great; have lasted many years, but are finally on the way out.

The old ones: European size 44, which is theoretically about what I wear in Australian shoes: 9 1/2. They fit great.

FAIL 1: Somehow I managed to come out of the Ecco shop with a new pair that are also size 44, and very nice, but which are too big.

It’s not like I didn’t try them on. But looking back I can only assume I didn’t really pay attention to how big they were. Or if I did, I may have had it in mind that earlier this year I had problems with one of my pairs of shoes being too small, and over-compensated.

FAIL 2: After purchasing I then wore them outside a couple of times before really noticing the problems, so now they can’t be returned to the shop as they’ve worn very slightly.

There’s too much space in the toes. That might be solvable with thicker socks, but they’re soft leather so they bend in the wrong place when walking, hurting one of my feet.

I’ve bought myself a pair of shoes I can’t use. On sale, but still not cheap.

How can I be 38 years old and still stuff things up like this?

(I find it pretty embarrassing actually. I’m posting it here publicly to teach myself a lesson so I don’t do this again.)

How does one sell a pair of shoes? Ebay? (Anybody wear size 44 and want to buy these?)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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11 replies on “I hate buying shoes”

Take em back Daniel, even now. My sister used to work at Williams the shoemen and some people would try it on 6 months later, and they’d end up replacing them just to get rid of them.

Shoesmakers Wholesale in Glenhuntly Rd sells toe insoles for $2. Or else buy some insoles at the supermarket, cut them in half and just place in the toe bit. I usually end up doing this for my runners cos I always manage to get them too big for fear of going too small! So yes, I also hate buying shoes.

Shoe shopping comes equal last on my list of shopping loves. It’s just dreadful. I have to replace my boots as they’re falling to pieces and getting motivated to go to the shops is awful. With small, wide feet and very big calves I’m really hard to fit.

Nathan, I’m not that forceful I’m afraid!

Liz, will check, but wearing thick socks hasn’t helped, so I’m not sure insoles will.

Paul, they’ve been worn enough to have some small but noticeable scuffing. They’re not new/re-saleable anymore.

Tony, these might fit you… if I can’t get rid of them, I’ll send them over!

Pricks at the shoe shop threw my old ones in the bin so I couldn’t take them back. Will just stick with going to the Athlete’s Foot as they measure your feet on the pressure test thingy.

The insoles might help actually, especially if you get ones that fit flat into the length of the shoe as they push your foot forward. But I’ve done exactly the same thing before, and beat myself up every time. I wear orthotics too, so have to factor all that into the equation. Not fun. Just discovered Ecco shoes, actually, and have been really happy with them. 3 pairs all bought over eBay or internet sites without trying on first. Major speculation that, very luckily, has paid off.

I would give the insoles a go…failing that get pregnant. My feet grew quite a bit after each baby ;).

I’ve tried on a piece of clothing, jeans, shirts etc, thought this fits great I’ll grab a second one, same size same everything and they fit differently :-( Where’s quality control.

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