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Too long to blog on their own, too short to Tweet

Forgot to review the Star Trek movie. In summary: great stuff, really enjoyable. (And still chuckling over The Onion’s take on it.)Thumbs up!

How is it that Rivers in Victoria have 7 retail outlets, but 31 clearance centres?

For those of you who want to browse PT timetables online while out and about, bookmark this in your web-enabled mobile: (Okay, so I did Tweet this.)

You’ve heard of the Big Mac Index, for comparing the spending power of world currencies? Here’s a theory that the Mars Bar can be used to track historical value of currencies.

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Methinks you confused the title, perhaps? Too short to blog, too long to twit? :) Not to worry I often have the trouble of transposing telephone numbers. I have to make sure to clearly read back the numbers I have written down to make sure they are in the right order.

My husband loved the new Star Trek movie. I’ve not seen it, will wait for DVD, but sounds good! I’ve heard that some, who prefer George Lucas and that style of science fiction movie don’t like the new ST movie. But for each, we have different tastes, after all.

I find the Big Mac more a usefull measure of earnings than of spending power. In the UK I saw an advertisement for casual jobs at McDonalds paying less than a Big Mac an hour where as in Australia casuals get a couple of BigMac Meals an hour. It may have cost me $15 for a McValue Meal but at only an hour’s wage that beat the poor pommies who’d have to work two hours to pay off the same deal.

As I requested last week! The latest incarnation in Gene Roddenberry’s ever enduring legacy ( Star Trek, for those uninitiated! ) was a great piece of cinema, and definitely made up for that dreadful piece of rubbish that was called Star Trek: Nemesis!
I thought it was especially great how JJ Abrams made a movie that us Trekkers would enjoy, especially with in-references such as the Kobayashi Maru, Admiral Archer ( shouldn’t it be ‘President’ Archer, as is seen in his bio screen in the mirror universe Enterprise episodes? ), McCoy’s “I’m a doctor, not a ….”, etc! But it also seemed to do really well with first time viewers, which is what most of the cinema seemed to comprise of in the first weekend! I thought it was a great way of giving those people the essence of the original series!
One tip to any fans who haven’t watched it yet ( does such a creature exist? )- watch it with an open mind!! After all, Star Trek is about different possibilities, embodied in the Vulcan IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations)! As a fan who has over 40 technical Trek books, amongst those the Chronologies and the Encyclopedias, I watched the first half of the film thinking,”No, this isn’t supposed to happen at this stage, etc” – it was driving me mad! So I decided to watch the second half without those pre-conceptions, and enjoyed it a lot more! The second time around was more enjoyable because of this! I implore other die-hard fans not to dismiss it just because Captain Kirk didn’t serve on the Farragut this time around!
One thing I always wondered if they could pull off if they ever modernised the original series was making all those ’60s sets and costumes look modern today- well, they did it! Especially those uniforms, as they were very ’60s, with all those bright colours! Too bad when Kirk and Spock started to fight on the bridge, the ‘Amok Time’ music didn’t start playing- love that music!
Toria, as a Canadian, you should be proud of the contribution that your country has made to the Star Trek franchise- in particular many of the actors who have starred in the shows and movies, especially your fellow Quebecer, the great Denny Crane, William Shatner! We Melbournians have a claim in the latest movie- Eric Bana (Nero), and Chris Hemsworth (George Kirk- James’ dad)!

To sum up, Star Trek is a great movie all can watch- even my non-Trekker cousin wants to watch it! Can’t wait for the DVD extras! Enjoy!

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