Morons on the road

One drive, three morons

All from a ten minute period this morning.

Lady in Mini Cooper, turning off Footscray Road to head over the Bolte Bridge. At some stage have you considered getting off the phone?

White stationwagon, heading over the Bolte Bridge. There’s been over a kilometre of signs and arrows on the road surface indicating which lanes you need to be in to go towards Geelong. You can’t do it from the left lane, and at the point that the left lane goes… uhh… left, it’s too late to change your mind now.

Range Rover, Queensway. The reversible lane is not that hard to use. That red cross on the sign is an indicator that you’re not meant to be there, at least not in that direction.

Where do these people get their licences?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Chances are at least one of these people has either lost their license or had it suspended – if you listen to the police stats on the talented drivers they encounter

One of my favourite games on the drive home is to add up the money I could earn for the Government if I could fine idiots using mobile phones while they are driving. At $250 a pop here in WA, I often get to $5000 … in a 15-20 min drive.

If that is all you could find wrong on the roads today then you must life in a pretty safe part of the word. Seriously, isn’t there bigger things to be blogging about?

Big site man,
If you can’t get the morons out of parliment,, how the hell can you get them off the roads?
Yeah I know my spelling sucks, it’s the result of a labour goverment

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