I must be getting old

From a blog on the Australian Jewish News web site:

Recently I was on a bus and a young man got on in front of me wearing very low-slung jeans, so low in fact that his gutkes showed above the jeans.

I was sure that his jeans were going to fall off and I was just about to call out, “Excuse me young man, I think you are in danger of losing your hoysen!”

But I thought better of it and stopped just in time.

Slightly amusing Yiddish terminology aside, I concur — I don’t understand this fashion. I must be getting old.

“Gutkes” are better known as underpants. Underpants. That is, they’re meant to go under your pants.

By Daniel Bowen

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Madonna wore her bra outside her clothes in the ’80s. This is only the extension of that. I’m just wondering what could possibly be next and I shudder.

While in a queue behind a young bloke with the same ‘look’, it took all my strength to stop myself from pulling his pants up. Just hoist them up, as I do for my 2 boys when they are ‘daggy panting’ about.

I think what annoys me more is when they have this look AND are wearing a belt… I don’t think they get what a belt is for!

I have the complete opposite reaction – I have to restrain myself from pulling their pants DOWN. That oughta learn ’em!

But I totally agree with the belt thing.

The other day on a train there was a young man wearing super low slung pants without anything under. Lovely view of his pubic hair and the crack of his backside. Mmm. Sexy. *gag*

Being a child of the seventies I can remember wearing my jeans so low that the pubes showed. The difference was there was no danger of them falling down because they were so tight. :)

Ahh, it’s those real serious issues that attract the most informative comments, lol! Man, this thread just gets scarier the more you read!

This is a popular fashon in the US with young gangster wannabes. My brother pointed out to me that when young people are arrested their belts are taken from them during their prison stay causing their pants to slide down. Some people think that being “bad” and having a scrape with the law is cool and something to look up to. This is one theory as to how the fashon came about. The pulled down pants with fancy boxers showing makes them “cool”. I think it makes them look silly. Some US communities are considering laws banning this style of dress in public.

I had a vaguely similar incident last weekend at our school’s fete. As I sat there gawking intently I did wander why the the young woman in front of me , bending over to tend to something or other, was so nochalant about showing me and others so much of her tuches (bum) ; luckily it was a nice heymishe tuches (a nice bum) so who I was to kvetch (complain)?

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