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Stewart vs Cramer

For those who missed it, last Thursday night’s Daily Show was a corker. Jon Stewart took on TV financial advisor Jim Cramer in one of the best TV debates I’ve seen in a while.

The interview was one of those classic television moments that crystallised the public mood in the credit crisis. Stewart articulated the anger and bewilderment of millions of Americans who now feel ripped off and afraid. He framed the question everyone wanted asked: how were the financial masters of the universe allowed to pursue their ruinous behaviour unchallenged for so long? — The Guardian

Definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already.

Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer: The Extended Daily Show Interview

By Daniel Bowen

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One reply on “Stewart vs Cramer”

Yes, I saw the aforementioned episode after hearing all about it on the Dennis Miller Radio Show and on various blogs. Isn’t it interesting how one liberal Democrat savaged another liberal Democrat!? What hasn’t been mentioned is how this feud began? All week leading up to this show they’d be trading barbs- which all stemmed from Jim Cramer’s comments on his disapproval of Obama’s economic policies! Stewart, obviously upset about anyone daring to criticize The One, let fly on him- admittedly he deserved it, as Stewart did use Cramer’s previous comments on stock market investment against him! But, Stewart, in my opinion only attacked Cramer because he dared question Obama, for whom Cramer admits he voted for!
Besides, you can’t really called it a debate- Cramer just lay down and apologised for what he said, and, not content with that, Stewart began to tear him apart systematically! A debate is when two or more people argue a point- the last time anyone surrendered like that was the French in 1940! It wasn’t that difficult for Stewart- from the clips of Cramer I’ve seen on his CNBC show, “Mad Money”, he’s a real goofball! Let’s just hope our leaders have the good sense to deal with this economy in the right way- not just giving out handouts!

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