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How to get into a hammock

I’ve wanted a hammock for ages — ever since I moved in and found hammock hooks fitted to the back veranda. And finally this Christmas I got one, thanks to Marita.

Alas it didn’t quite fit the hooks, so I trotted off to Hammock HQ today at the Victoria Market to get the requisite extension bits to make it fit. Got it all home and set it up.

I concluded that the easiest way to get into it is to put one leg on either side then do a kind of Haka-like manoeuvre and plant your bum in the middle, before putting your legs in, fidgeting around and trying to relax.

There’s just nothing dignified about it.

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But once you’re in, it is very relaxing. The sun was a bit bright today and I had to get a hat, but once I did, I swung gently in the breeze while reading a book, and then put the book down and dozed off for a while.

The only catch was my legs felt a bit stiff when getting up again, but apart from that it’s very nice. I’ll be spending more time in the hammock, weather permitting.

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By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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9 replies on “How to get into a hammock”

LOL, I’d so agree Daniel that there really is no dignified way of doing it. And what a lovely demo you give! Ever thought of QVC? (a stupid shopping channel in the States).

Hope New Years is good to you and the boys. Enjoy the heat! :)

As a teenager my brother and I hung a net hammock from the rafters in our basement. I remember it came bundled up in a fist sized plastic package and amazingly unfolded into a full sized hammock. While it would have been nice to put it outside we had no place to tie to and Chicago winters are a bit to cold to lie out in a hammock. The furnace kept our basement warm and cozy for a snooze in the hammock.

Hello Daniel,

Happy New Year.

Many years ago my father planted two trees at our former home in Noble Park. He was very particular at planting them approx. 1.5 metres apart. I wonder why?

Cheers and beers.

Looks great! Why not shorten the rope at the head end, so your head is a bir higher and the legs less elevated?

Hi Daniel, nice hammock squat entering technique there! The other way you can lay is across the hammock so the ends where it is tied are opposite your shoulders, or even if you lay across it on an angle you can get you body flat, so you aren’t elevating your feet or head, good position for sleeping.

You however may not beable to do that in that particular hammock if it is not large enough. The best ones for really stretching our, and evenly supporting your whole body are the Mexican type hammocks. They spread out really wide, and are super comfortable. There is a great range of those hammocks at this online store here –

Keep up the hammocks time!

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