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The socks I always wanted

I got the socks I always wanted at K-Mart the other day.

'Rio' brand Retro video game socks

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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9 replies on “The socks I always wanted”

1. They are cool socks!

2. You normally exhibit a pretty good radar for these things but just in case, we aint interested in your undies of choice

3. This colleague of mine came back from lunch with shopping the other week and says to me ‘oh you have to check out these cool pac man pyjamas I bought from [insert some designer’s name here]’. So she pulls them out and they have the creatures from either sock 4 or sock 5 in your Rio set (I can’t quite remember but it was one of those). So I say ‘Oh that’s not pac man, it’s space invaders’ and she disagrees, and even after I draw a feeble resemblance of the pac man ‘ghosts’ from Sock 1, she insists that these creatures were also from pac man.

I didn’t make it to the ACMI exhibition so am relying on my feeble memory.

Who is right!?

Shell: You’re correct, of course…those little figures were indelibly burned into my brain in my youth. The red ghost is Blinky from Pac-Man, the next four are Space Invaders, and the last two are from Pac-Man.

Daniel: I must search for those socks here in the States! It’s probably too late for this Xmas, but what a perfect gift for the geeks in anyone’s life!

I am so going to K-Mart tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

I am amazed that someone in that sock factory was able to convince the powers-that-be to manufacture that design.

We are not alone.

Oo I like the socks. I’m off to town today. I WILL visit a kmart for some. I love having socks with “things” on them. Usually a novelty for my primary school students.

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