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Yet more transport plan stuff

Unlike the last one, I can’t claim a role in this: a hilarious video parodying the Victorian Transport Plan TV commercials.

Meanwhile, over at the Sunday Herald Sun, they’re running an online survey on peoples views of PT. Click through and have your say.

Finally, answer me this: if Sir Rod Eddington was very specific in having his road tunnel concept bypassing the city (centre), and the first section of it that the government proposes to build is said to be targetted at trucks accessing the port, then why does the illustration in the full colour advert slipped-into yesterday’s paper clearly show a road tunnel that is being used only by cars, and that includes entrance going to the “City”?

Victorian Transport Plan propaganda

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6 replies on “Yet more transport plan stuff”

That was a brilliant clip; absolutely brilliant. It made my day.

I suspect Eddington’s marketing department – like his ‘planning'(sic) department – are more in tune to the government’s needs and wants than Eddington himself.

Is the Herald Sun survey designed to encourage certain results? Check the order of the YES/NO responses – my survey has the safety questions with NO first, and the whether you’ve seen drug taking or fights has YES first.

Interested to know whether other respondents have found this or has the Herald Sun used Surveymonkey’s randomise feature to change the order for each respondent?

The way I read it, Brumby’s version of the road tunnel was never designed to bypass the city, as it only runs from Geelong Road to Dynon Road, and would therefore have access to the CBD using Spencer Street.

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