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Time for one of those quick boring domestic posts: Recycled tissues. I’m almost out. I can’t find any in the local Safeways, Coleses or IGAs, or anywhere else.

Anybody seen them recently, or do I have to resort to using recycled paper towels as tissues? (Well, and handkerchiefs, of course.)

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This is a constant aggravation with me. Not only can’t we find recycled tissues but a lot of our favourites have been replaced by generics. I always try to make a point of not buying the generic brand if possible. I guess it’s a middle class way of fighting the power and sticking it to the man!

Hm, I went through Coles yesterday and the range of toilet paper was most alarming, the normal “safe” brands I buy were no where to be seen. I’ve found Coles to be pretty crap lately, Safeway is much better. But Aldi FTW! :D

As part of cost cutting in my office, they’ll no longer be supplying tissues. I have already stockpiled 4 boxes, that should keep me going for a while…

Aldi usually sells recycled toilet paper (or at least what looks like it) – but I can’t remember the brand – I know they sold the ‘SAFE’ brand paper – but I don’t remember if it was the toilet paper or the paper towels.
I can confirm they sell it at The Pines store (left side on most right side aisle), Warringal – Heidelberg (somewhere in the middle aisles) and Heidelberg West.

Toilet paper is much less scratchy to use as a tissue than a paper towl. I never buy tissues, I just use toilet paper as it easier to find when I need it or use a paper napkin that I have saved from a restaurant. I have never used a hanky and would never want to wash one after use.

Ronnie, there’s no problem finding recycled toilet paper at present. There’s a couple of brands around, and it’s available widely. Facial tissues are more problematic though.

I hadn’t seen them for ages either. Naturale recycled tissues are now in Safeway, at least in Brunswick (near the train station). Perhaps they are listening to you!

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