Morons on the road

Get off the phone

1. Dear driver of EML 925,

How about you get off the phone?

Then you might be paying enough attention to remember to indicate when you turn.

2. Good on you for driving a Prius.

But parking in a Bus Zone? Not so good.

Oh, unless… I don’t suppose you’re a substitute service for the 703?

3. No, really. IT DOESN’T APPLY TO US.

Cars parked on grass

By Daniel Bowen

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12 replies on “Get off the phone”

yeah, but if there aren’t enough carparks at the railway station, where else are you going to park? In a bus zone??

Yep I reckon grass that is flush with the pavement is fair game for parking in a station carpark. It’s not as though there’s likely to be a decent bus service to and from the station. It’s Melbourne, remember.

(if that’s not a station carpark then my point is void)

Is there some number you can call when you see idiots driving and on their phones to dob them in? I see it all the time. Even if they didn’t get a fine as a cop didn’t actually see them, it would be nice for them to receive a visit from the Constabulary advising them that they were seen and that if I had been a cop that they would have received a fine. I do recall hearing that the fine for talking on a mobile whilst driving was rising signifigantly, though not sure what it is now (in Victoria at least).

They invented messagebank for a reason, and people have died because of it. Some people are just dumb.

I’ve seen drop kicks who have actually pulled out/pushed over the heavy metal poles with chains on them to access a parking spot on lawn like that.
They’re the knob-jockeys who increase our council rates for us without even living in the area!

Nathan i have to agree- they need to set up some number where we can report things like this! The number of people I see driving and talking on their mobile phone is amazing…

This sort of thing reminds me of a “Dead Kennedys” album “Give me convenience or give me death” a lot of these issues are about people thinking convenience is a right and laws are for others.

God help our society if we ever have to face real hardship?

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